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An important part of our mission is "serving God through serving others." In addition to our associates, our network of 140,000 members actively reach out in service to offer volunteer support. Whether it’s through our Chapters or Impact Teams, we work to make a positive impact in our members' communities.


As a not-for-profit organization governed by our members, our chapter system plays a pivotal role in fulfilling Catholic Financial Life’s mission. The chapter system gives each member a voice in the governing of the business and the opportunity to improve their community.

Our chapters conduct more than 2,600 volunteer activities each year. Chapter funds are used to sponsor social and charitable projects. Local chapters elect chapter leaders who help local members receive the full benefit of their membership by organizing and encouraging participation in chapter activities.

Today, Catholic Financial Life has 223 chapters in 31 states. These chapters provide volunteer opportunities that put to use the time, talents and interests of all of our members.

To learn more about your Chapter and how to get involved, visit:


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Through Impact Teams, we actively work to empower our members to organize an individual service project, with the assistance of friends, family and others who are passionate about the same cause! 

A member simply gathers at least four other people (members or not) to form an Impact Team, complete a short application to explain what the group would like to do, and once approved, Catholic Financial Life will help support the project in three ways: 

  1. Provide up to $150 to purchase supplies to get the project off the ground
  2. Provide five “Impact Team” shirts for the group to wear while completing the project
  3. Create an online sign up link to use in helping to spread the word about the project

There has never been an easier way to get involved. To learn more or to create your own Impact Team, visit:


Impact Teams

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