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Save Time and Enjoy the Holidays!


Enjoy the Holidays

It’s that time of year. The stores are gearing up for the holidays, and soon each holiday will fly by. Before we know it, we’re shouting “Happy New Year!” and wondering where those last three months of the year have gone!

In the coming months, many of our chapters will host fall dinners, member celebrations, and Christmas parties. This is also the year that all chapters should be holding officer elections. Not to mention all of the upcoming Match Fund activities. With all of these events comes the responsibility to submit forms: Match Fund applications, invitation requests, activity reports, and an updated officer list for the next two-year term. So how can you streamline your reporting to give yourself more time – time to enjoy the holidays? The easiest way is to use the Fraternal Data System (FDS).

The FDS eliminates the need to use paper forms to submit any of the items just mentioned. It all can be done online, by any primary officer (president, vice president, secretary/treasurer). Information entered the FDS is also preserved for future reference, so the history of activities sponsored by your chapter can easily be referenced by yourself or a newly-elected primary officer.

Some of the other benefits of using the FDS include:

  • Eliminating the need to enter redundant information on paper forms
  • Receiving immediate confirmation when your Match Fund event is approved
  • Creating your own chapter invitation and tracking the status of mailings on your “dashboard”
  • Tabulating the amount of money spent and received for Chapter Activity Reports
  • Updating your list of officers quickly, without the need to add contact information

Many of our chapter leaders already use the system, and have shared very positive feedback in regards to the amount of time it has saved them. One of the greatest benefits is the ease of completing the annual year-end financial report. If your chapter maintains its electronic checkbook in the FDS, and links entries to your activities for the year, you can generate your year-end financial report in a matter of minutes. The Detailed Chapter Activity Report can also be accessed at any time, to give your chapter a pulse on money spent/received per activity, and the number of activities conducted in the four required categories for funding.

So why not take advantage of this tool designed to improve your volunteer experience and increase your efficiency? We’re sure you’ll enjoy the extra time you’ll have this holiday season and in all the months to come!

If your chapter is not utilizing the Fraternal Data System, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get up and running. For more information, contact:

And a reminder to mark your calendar and watch for details on the 2020 Regional Chapter Leader Conferences.

2020 Regional Chapter Leader Conferences

March 28-29       New England (Marlborough, Mass.)
April 18-19             Green Bay, Wis.
May 2-3   Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
June 13-14     Milwaukee, Wis.


Watch for more details!

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