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Angels Among Us!


Angel Pins

Last month, we launched our new “Angels Among Us!” program to acknowledge and thank those whose selfless volunteer service impacts our local communities.  Our chapter leaders were the first to receive the pins - one meant to be kept as a token of our appreciation and one to be shared.  So, the next time you see someone acting as an “angel” by doing good work in the community, please pass the second pin on to them.  You can decide which of the two pins you wish to keep and which to share.

Each pin has a unique code engraved on the back. We’re using that code to track the location of each registered pin.  The two pins you received have already been registered with your location.  Let’s see how far our angel wings will spread as each pin code is followed online and passed from person to person.  Have you already given away your second pin?  Visit to nominate additional angels and help us acknowledge them and inspire others to follow their example of service.

As we think of service in our local communities, let’s also not forget those who have served and who currently serve our country in the armed forces.  Many are facing challenges dealing with issues brought about by their tour of duty. And, many never returned home.  Let’s remember them in a special way as we celebrate Memorial Day. These are the angels no longer among us, but whose service still impacts all of us who enjoy the blessings of freedom!

In line with this, I’d like to share a story that recently appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about a Wisconsin company that is raising funds to help veterans deal with issues like post-traumatic stress disorder.  They do it by roasting and selling special blends of coffee, packaged with stories written by a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, and donating 10% of the sales to the organization, Salute the Troops.  Your chapter might be interested in ordering a supply of the coffee to support this cause, and in turn also help veterans in your community. For instance, you could raffle off individual packages of the coffee, with the proceeds going to support a local veterans group. Or you could donate the coffee itself to a local American Legion or VFW post.  

The Story Behind the Coffee      Salute the Troops

Many of our chapters currently raise funds for a variety of groups that help veterans or the families of fallen veterans.  And we sincerely thank our chapter leaders who show support for these very special “Angels Among Us!”

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