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My Two Elaines


My Two Elaines

I’m sure there isn’t one of us who hasn’t witnessed the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s on a friend or family member. My aunt passed away over the weekend, after suffering from this illness for more than a year. Alzheimer’s also takes its toll on those who selflessly care for those afflicted with the disease. That is one of the reasons why we included support for caregivers in our new Special Needs Chapter Program.

Marty Schreiber, the former Governor of Wisconsin, wrote a book about a powerful story of love and commitment called “My Two Elaines.” It chronicles the journey Marty and his wife, Elaine, have been on since Elaine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This touching account provides insight into the effects of the illness on the person diagnosed, as well as the importance of caring for their caregiver. Because this is such a critical issue, given the staggering number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s each year, and in support of our special needs initiative, we will be sending every chapter leader a copy of “My Two Elaines.” 

I encourage your chapter to consider participating in a “Memory Walk” or other fundraising event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association with the additional $500 available through our Special Needs Chapter Program, if you haven’t already utilized the funds. Remember, there are no special forms required. Simply fill out a Match Fund request, as you would for any fundraiser sponsored by your chapter, and indicate that this is in support of our “Special Needs Chapter Program.”

Learn More about the Alzheimer's Association

I’m also happy to report that our Society has shown greater support to Special Olympics this year. In June, Catholic Financial Life was the Presenting Sponsor of the Special Olympics of Wisconsin Annual Golf Classic. And our chapters have sponsored Match Fund events to benefit Special Olympics, such as the “Run with the Cops,” supported by four chapters in southeastern Wisconsin. Several chapters also have conducted fundraisers to purchase a case of the “Special Needs Acceptance Book,” or have split the cost with another chapter, and have donated the books to local schools/parishes. Please see my February blog for details and links to order those books.

As you are planning your chapter events for the remainder of this year, be sure to schedule your Special Needs Match Fund event. And while you have your calendar out, please make note of these dates for next year’s regional chapter leader conferences:

2020 Regional Chapter Leader Conferences

March 28-29       New England (Marlborough, Mass.)
April 18-19             Green Bay, Wis.
May 2-3   Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
June 13-14     Milwaukee, Wis.


Watch for more details!

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