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We are Growing! We are Hiring!


Our Advisors don’t wear capes  . . . but they protect families every day!

Do you know a superhero who  . . .

  • Enjoys using their superpowers to help others?
  • Knows a lot of people and enjoys meeting new people?
  • Wants an opportunity to do well financially, do good for their community and live their faith simultaneously?

Are they:

  • Competitive?
  • Persistent?
  • Confident?

If so, we’d like to meet them!

Introduce us to someone you think would be a great Catholic Financial Life superhero and  . . .

  • You’ll receive $100 for each referral that has an in-person interview for the Catholic Financial Life advisor role.
  • You’ll receive an additional $1,000 for each referral who gets contracted as a Catholic Financial Life advisor.

Contact Rogelio Cabral at 414-278-6590 or

Here’s another way you can help spread the word:

  • Follow the Catholic Financial Life Facebook page.
  • “Like” our posts, particularly those that say “We’re Growing, We’re Hiring!”
  • Share those posts with friends via Messenger.

And for information on all of the employment opportunities available at Catholic Financial Life, visit:

Catholic Financial Life Careers

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