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We’re all passionate about something – whether it’s education, caring for the elderly or disabled, environmental issues, or another cause. And while our chapters have a longstanding history of supporting Catholic parishes and schools, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and raising funds for a multitude of community groups, we know that there is only so much one chapter can do. We also know that there are many Catholic Financial Life members who live in areas where no chapters exist. So how are we empowering these members to help their communities in a new way? Through the latest addition to our package of member benefits – Impact Teams! 

Launched in April of 2018, Impact Teams put the power to make a difference into the hands of individual members, with support from Catholic Financial Life. Members simply complete a short application on our website, describing a project they would like to sponsor. It takes just one financial member plus four others (members or not) to form a team. If the project is approved, the team leader will receive a $150 funding card and 5 Impact Team t-shirts for their team to wear while completing the project. More shirts can be ordered by the team leader at cost. After the project, the team leader must submit photos of the team working on the project and complete a brief follow-up form letting us know how the project went. That’s all there is to it!

Impact Teams supplement the community support currently provided by our chapters. And for members sponsoring an Impact Team in areas where local chapters exist, we hope that this may provide a stepping stone to greater involvement with the chapter. You might wonder, “Are chapter leaders eligible to apply for an Impact Team?” The answer is yes. All financial members of Catholic Financial Life are eligible, though the project cannot be reported as a chapter event.

Here’s a sample of the Impact Team projects that have been completed by our members:

  • Tie blankets for children in the hospital
  • Host a bingo party at a nursing home
  • Upgrade a baseball field for kids
  • Clean cages and provide food/water at a cat shelter
  • Plant prairie grass at a park
  • Fill backpacks for homeless children
  • Bake/sell cookies after a school concert to raise funds
  • Help neighbor landscape yard following a house fire
  • Renew perennial and annual flower beds at parish
  • Prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for homeless individuals

Impact Team FAQs Impact  Team Application

Impact Teams Flowers

And a reminder to mark your calendar and watch for details on the 2020 Regional Chapter Leader Conferences:

2020 Regional Chapter Leader Conferences

March 28-29       New England (Marlborough, Mass.)
April 18-19             Green Bay, Wis.
May 2-3   Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
June 13-14     Milwaukee, Wis.


Watch for more details!

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