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Words Matter


Words Matter

Like many of our chapter leaders, I’m sure you often wear a Catholic Financial Life shirt or hat, or one of our new angel pins when volunteering at chapter events.  And perhaps you’ve had people who are unfamiliar with us ask you, “so what is Catholic Financial Life?”  How do you respond?  Are you at a loss for words to quickly summarize who we are and what we do?  We’d like to help!

Because “Words Matter,” we have created a graphic to represent the best words and phrases to describe Catholic Financial Life.  Several key phrases are featured prominently in red:

  1. Different by Design - Catholic Financial Life was founded 150 years ago to provide for the financial security of Catholic families, and to offer ways for them to help and support one another in times of need. We have grown to become the nation’s second largest Catholic not-for-profit financial services organization.  As a community based membership organization, we put our members first. We take a “Main Street not Wall Street” approach to the products and services we offer through our values-based financial network.
  2. Profits with Purpose - Catholic Financial Life has what we refer to as a dual bottom line, financial and fraternal.  Our profits provide community outreach through the work of our local chapters, our partnership with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, our new Special Needs Chapter Program, and other charitable support.  Our member benefits and events enhance quality of life by giving back to our members and their communities.  It’s life insurance the way it should be.
  3. Inspiring Service - We encourage members to participate in the activities sponsored by our chapters to help organizations and individuals in need – to be part of “something bigger than yourself.”  And our newest member benefit gives individual members the ability to organize an “Impact Team,” to complete a service project for a cause about which they are passionate.  These activities allow members to achieve community impact and develop personal, reliable relationships with one another, with our advisors, and with our associates. 
  4. Faith-based - As a Catholic organization, we offer scholarships to members attending Catholic grade schools and high schools, as well as financial reimbursements to members who attend a Catholic Retreat or Summer Camp. Our Prayer Network is available to those who need spiritual support and peace of mind in times of need.  And in line with our mission of serving God through serving others, chapters have helped raise thousands of dollars for Catholic schools and parishes, civic organizations, families and individuals, with matching funds from our home office.  We have created a foundation of trust by consistently following our mission to put Catholic values in action.

So the next time you’re asked, “What is Catholic Financial Life?” remember these powerful words and phrases so that you can share the great news of our organization and our mission.


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