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The first words of our mission state that we put values in action by "Serving God through serving others," something we have been doing for 153 years! How many financial services organizations can say that? How many can back that up with millions of dollars raised and donated, and, hundreds of thousands of hours volunteered by its members? 

We support and encourage our members to make a positive impact in their communities. To learn more, view the video below.

Through the support of more than 130,000 members and a network of 193 volunteer chapters across the country, Catholic Financial Life:

  • Volunteered close to 39,257 hours with an economic impact of almost $1.1 million during a pandemic;
  • Raised, matched, and donated nearly $1.5 million for churches, schools, local organizations and individuals in need; and,
  • Sponsored more than 1,200 chapter activities.
Our Commitment to Communities

Caring for our brothers and sisters in need is something that we as a faith-based fraternal do all the time. And when a crisis strikes, we rise to the occasion.

This pandemic was no exception as associates, advisors, members, chapter leaders, Board Members and friends of Catholic Financial Life rallied in support of those on the front lines through our Love One Another Campaign.

Thanks to your generosity, more than $142,000 has been distributed to many local organizations such as first responders, food pantries and veterans organizations across the country. The following video represents your combined impact.

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