Group Benefits

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At Catholic Financial Life, we offer our full-time Advisors something that most insurance companies don’t  Group Benefits Package. You will have access to group benefits that are aimed at improving the financial, physical and personal health and wellbeing of you and your family. We are committed to providing benefits that support you and allow you to focus on your business.

Group Benefits


  • Health Insurance
    Estimated Annual Value: Family – $21,320 or Single – $7,753

  • Flex Spending Account & Health Savings Plan
    Estimated Annual Value: Family – 1,291 or Single – $452

  • Group Term Life Insurance
    Annual value: $63 for $25,000 of coverage

  • Matching 401(k) Plan 
    Society contributes $3,000 per year assuming an income of $75,000 based on 5% deferment

  • Long-Term Disability: 
    Annual premium of $728 assuming an income of $75,000

  • Social Security and Medicare Taxes
    7.65% – Society contributes $3,825 assuming an income of $75,000 

Total Estimated Annual Value 
is approximately $29,000

*Based on family coverage levels.

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