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Showing: Faith

Infinitely Beautiful


 A monk at the Abbey of the Genesee in western New York asked me, during a spiritual direction session, to consider the meaning of the infinite, the eternal, a God beyond all time.

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Living in Denial


 Today is a day of darkness, death, and denial. This is where we end up when we allow fear to rule our hearts. Darkness moves like a slow, rolling fog through the valleys of our lives and settles there, clouding our vision.

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We Are One Body


 Eucharist—heavenly food given to us at an earthly banquet—is at the heart of what we commemorate today and at the heart of our Christian lives every day. Still, it can be so difficult to grasp in a concrete way.

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 In the world’s eyes, at least at the time, Jesus was put to shame. People couldn’t understand how the man who could save others could not save himself. It looked like the ultimate defeat.

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Pivotal Moments


 Darkness surrounds us as we imagine the pain Jesus felt, knowing his betrayer was breaking bread with him. Judas hears Jesus announce his betrayal and still doesn’t recognize the moment for what it is: one last opportunity to choose good over evil, salvation over suffering.

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God's Extravagant Love


 What an outrageous and magnificent display of love we see in today’s gospel. Although the practical types, Judas among them, tsk-tsked at the apparent waste of valuable oil, Mary knew better.

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