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Living in Denial


 Today is a day of darkness, death, and denial. This is where we end up when we allow fear to rule our hearts. Darkness moves like a slow, rolling fog through the valleys of our lives and settles there, clouding our vision.

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Words Matter


Like many of our chapter leaders, I’m sure you often wear a Catholic Financial Life shirt or hat, or one of our new angel pins when volunteering at chapter events.  And perhaps you’ve had people who are unfamiliar with us ask you, “so what is Catholic Financial Life?”  How do you respond?  Are you at a loss for words to quickly summarize who we are and what we do?  We’d like to help!

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Beyond Our Grasp


 As we enter Holy Week, we do so knowing full well what’s ahead and how quickly we humans can take goodness and light and snuff it out, all for our own benefit.

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A Spiritual Tattoo


What is it about Ash Wednesday that resonates so deeply with people that even those who have been away from church feel compelled to return and be reminded of their own mortality in the form of an ashen cross? It’s more than just ritual or obligation; it's primal.

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We are Growing! We are Hiring!


Our Advisors don’t wear capes  . . . but they protect families every day!

Do you know a superhero who  . . .

  • Enjoys using their superpowers to help others?
  • Knows a lot of people and enjoys meeting new people?
  • Wants an opportunity to do well financially, do good for their community and live their faith simultaneously?

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Our Advisors Don’t Wear Capes ... But They Protect Families Every Day!


Are you looking for a career where you can be successful, all while helping enhance the lives of others? Consider becoming a superhero Advisor at Catholic Financial Life!

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