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Beyond Our Grasp


 As we enter Holy Week, we do so knowing full well what’s ahead and how quickly we humans can take goodness and light and snuff it out, all for our own benefit.

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A Shadow of a Doubt


 With the raising of Lazarus still fresh in their minds, the leaders of the Jewish community around Jesus are getting nervous. The signs are too great, the risks too high. People are starting to believe. How could they not?

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We Have a Champion


Whispers can be withering to the spirit, whether you’re a kid on a playground or a grown-up in an office. The sight of someone speaking in hushed tones behind the shield of a raised hand can undo even the most put-together person, even a prophet.

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What's in a Word?


 Continuing on yesterday’s theme, Jesus focuses on keeping his word. As a writer, I understand and value the power of words. Written or spoken, carefully crafted or passionately scribbled, the words we humans throw around can move us, scar us, inspire us.

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Tethered to Half-Truths


 “Truth” should be clear as a bell, unquestionable, but truth is so often twisted into a mere shadow of itself. We know it all too well these days, when politicians and public figures and social media bubble with a deadly brew of halftruths and outright lies cloaked as truth.

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Where God Lives


 I AM. Those simple but powerful words get me every time. It shocks me, in a way, to realize how those two little words shake me to my core whenever I hear them. God lives in those words.

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