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A Spiritual Tattoo


What is it about Ash Wednesday that resonates so deeply with people that even those who have been away from church feel compelled to return and be reminded of their own mortality in the form of an ashen cross? It’s more than just ritual or obligation; it's primal.

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We are Growing! We are Hiring!


Our Advisors don’t wear capes  . . . but they protect families every day!

Do you know a superhero who  . . .

  • Enjoys using their superpowers to help others?
  • Knows a lot of people and enjoys meeting new people?
  • Wants an opportunity to do well financially, do good for their community and live their faith simultaneously?

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Our Advisors Don’t Wear Capes ... But They Protect Families Every Day!


Are you looking for a career where you can be successful, all while helping enhance the lives of others? Consider becoming a superhero Advisor at Catholic Financial Life!

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Special Needs Chapter Program


Those of you who attended the Triennial Convention last September will recall that we announced our new Special Needs Chapter Program following Saturday afternoon’s presentation from Special Olympian Cindy Bentley and Chair-Elect of Special Olympics of Wisconsin, Vince Vitrano. Later that evening, we were also inspired by the story of Dr. Ronan Tynan who, among his other accomplishments, competed as a Paralympian.

This new chapter program is off and running, with a number of our chapters already planning to show support for this important initiative.  If your chapter isn’t certain how the program works, here is more information on the guidelines and ideas to get your chapter on board.

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Four ways to teach your kids healthy financial habits


Educating your children to make smart money decisions can be a challenge. Children are often compelled to spend their money as quickly as possible on things they want. Let’s face it… even some of us are guilty of the same thing. The most important thing parents can do is lead by example on how to manage their money.

Here are some simple strategies parents can use to teach their children smart financial habits.

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Term or Permanent Insurance… How Do I Decide?


When shopping around for life insurance, it can sometimes be hard to decide which type will best fit your needs. Life insurance is broken down into two major groups: term and permanent life insurance. You may be thinking, what are the differences between the two? Let’s find out!

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