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As a faith-based organization, we are believers in the power of prayer. It is central to who we are and what we do. So, naturally, we draw upon our faith during good times and during difficult times.

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests be known to God. 
-Phillipians 4:6

A Prayer for Our World

Good and Gracious God, Almighty Father, Omnipotent Healer:
Your children cry out to you during this time of great worry and uncertainty.
We pray for wisdom to do the right things.
We pray for your healing power to come upon all who are sick and suffering.
We pray for strength to persevere in the days ahead.
Send your Holy Spirit to calm our fears and guide our actions.
We place our trust in You and Your Son … the Way, the Truth and the Life.
And we make this prayer through the intercession of Mary, our Mother.


Prayer Network

We invite you to use the form below to post your intention and join the nearly 135,000 Catholic Financial Life members in prayer.

Catholic Financial Life has joined in partnership with the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network. Intentions submitted to the Prayer Network will be forwarded automatically to them, so millions of people will pray for your intentions each day.

Submit Prayer Intention

Prayer requests will generally be posted within 48 hours of submission Monday through Friday. Intentions will be prayed for by the seminarians at St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee and during quarterly masses held at the All Saints Chapel in the home office.

Prayer Network

Knowledge Takanyaradzwa From Kadoma, Washington

Submitted: may. 15, 2022

**My Heart to pray without ceasing.* *Pray and fasting spiritually* *Pray in dreams* *Forgive and Forget the ones I / who have wronged me* *

Theo From Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Submitted: may. 12, 2022

Good afternoon, Church. I would like for the Church to please pray that the Lord gives me a sign on where exactly my stolen Mini DV Tapes collections is at so I can go rescue them. They have too many sentimental memories on each of those Tapes for me give up on them. I believe the Lord will answer this prayer like everyone elses prayers but only on his time. Please pray that the Lord will protect these Tapes so I can recover them all. Thank you in advance.

Sherly From Tempe, Arizona

Submitted: may. 11, 2022

Manman Mary, Notre Dame de Lourdes, and Saint Joseph praise in advance and pray your divine son and God for your daughter, Sherly, to get an offer in a Chemical Engineering role R&D and Data Science by the end of this month on May 27, 2022. My mother you Know all my current urgency. Please obtain that Grace for me. In Jesus I ask all these graces AMEN.

Louise From Somerset, Massachusetts

Submitted: may. 06, 2022

I pray for the world against the far left evil doers who permeate our world, government classrooms and every organization that promote these evil cultures in all societies. Protect the USA against the Deep State especially for infiltrating our society and especially the children with their sick ideologies. Let’s pray God helps us unite against these bad people so we can help to achieve success. Help the world to wake up people in the importance of saying the rosary everyday. We need the Blessed Mother more than ever and she is our best connection to Jesus Christ. I offer all my sufferings to Christ so he can save our country which in turn saves the world.

Sally From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: may. 05, 2022

For our good friend Jeanette, who suffered a stroke last Wednesday. May she be blessed with a complete and swift recovery. And may the Lord bless her family and those caring for her.

Susan From Brentwood, California

Submitted: may. 04, 2022

Complete cure from cancer in our family

Laura From Saint Petersburg , Florida

Submitted: abr. 25, 2022

Please pray for my boyfriend and I. Tarek and Laura. We plan to marry soon and as soon as married we wish to start a family. It be both our first child and I am older. We pray so deeply that we will be blessed with a healthy happy baby, and mostly that we will not have any issues conceiving. Please pray for us. We thank you for any prayers!

Adam From Bloomfield, New Jersey

Submitted: abr. 20, 2022

Please pray to God that I will now completely live and become one with the Truth of God and that the Truth will set me free and lead me directly to God...Holy Spirit, open my Heart to the word of God, open my heart to the goodness of God, open my heart to the beauty of God now and forever. Holy Spirit make me the Fully-Realized Blessed Being of Ascension, in Every Aspect of my Life that God created me To Be now…Please Heal me in all ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. Jesus Christ I invite you into my Heart Now…please enter and fill my Heart Now and give me the strength and vision and Will to become one with the Will of the Father living in The Flow of The Holy Trinity. Please help me to release my Ego and be Reborn of Water and Spirit as the Will of God now. Pray that the right people come into my life now to help me & to walk with me on this Path to God. I ask this through Lord Jesus Christ in Unity with the Holy Spirit to God the Creator of All.

Sally From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: abr. 20, 2022

For our dear friend Sandy J., in Saint Louis. May the Lord restore Sandy to good health. And may she and her family find comfort and strength through the prayers and support of loving friends and family in the days ahead.

Rob From Mentor Lk, Ohio

Submitted: abr. 16, 2022

For the sanctification of Fr. John and Fr. Gabriel.

Denise From Orange county, California

Submitted: abr. 11, 2022

Thank you for praying for me. I am praying for financial miracle. My roof has been leaking this year and my furnace needs to be replace my car is falling apart and the bills are harder to pay. I have had multiple surgeries for glock call surgery's for glucoma and that caused lacerations to my eyes. They need to heal now to have 2 cataract surgery. I do not have the money for the implants with the lenses for my eyes at the same time. I have asthma and my kidneys have him giving me trouble. I am suffering from acute depression. I have not left my city for a 25 years caring for my mother father and 2 siblings until they passed. I'm very lonely and depressed despite my prayers. I have also given many years to the community but I am not tired. I'm tired of being alone wish I could meet a man that was loving kind and would love me. I pray for a miracle for all that I have written. Make God-bless you all for your prayers thank you

Cathy From Bayside, Wisconsin

Submitted: abr. 09, 2022

Lord, please guide the hands of my surgeon who will perform my surgery in the next two weeks. Give me the strength to rehab quickly. Thank you Lord,

Frank and Cathy From Bayside, Wisconsin

Submitted: abr. 09, 2022

May Archie rest in peace. He has been a friend for more than 70 years. Lord, please watch Archie's wife who is home bound.

Frank and Cathy From Bayside, Wisconsin

Submitted: abr. 09, 2022

Repose of the soul of a cousin son who passed away at 46 years.

Rob From Mentor Lk, Ohio

Submitted: abr. 05, 2022

For the repose of the souls of Jeff and Todd.

Rob From Mentor Lk, Ohio

Submitted: abr. 03, 2022

For the repose of the souls of Teresa and Margie.

Jamie From Houston, Texas

Submitted: mar. 27, 2022

for our health for Jaqueline to live in God's guidance for Michelle's passing her tests and finish her current nursing school in 12/2022 for Danielle to please God Thank you

Lynette From San Antonio, Texas

Submitted: mar. 25, 2022

Please keep Michael in your prayers. He was recently diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. He is not in pain, but he cannot walk, swallow, or speak.

Andrea From DIXON, Illinois

Submitted: mar. 15, 2022

Please pray for Andy and Jane who have health problems. Thank you for your help.

Cheryl From San Antonio , Texas

Submitted: mar. 15, 2022

Please pray for my husband, Steve, awaiting a very important surgery. Hoping he will do great.

A From Anytown, Georgia

Submitted: mar. 14, 2022

I am in need of a complete life make over. I am deeply in debt. I am unemployed and I am 160 lbs overweight with borderline diabetic. I need a miracle.

Jane From Lockport, Illinois

Submitted: mar. 12, 2022

Daughters healing form POTS, long term covid and anxiety.

Joe From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: mar. 11, 2022

For my good friend, Ron who is having surgery on Monday. Please pray for the Ron and his family, the medical team, and a successful procedure.

Joe From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: mar. 11, 2022

For Richard who recently passed away. For his good friend JR who misses him dearly. Pray that the Lord welcomes Richard into his kingdom and for the comfort of his family and friends.

cullen holt From auburn , California

Submitted: mar. 11, 2022

I'm homeless and in RCIA. Please pray for me. I just started a new job and things are kinda hard. thanks

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