Prayer Network

As a faith-based organization, we are believers in the power of prayer. It is central to who we are and what we do. So, naturally, we draw upon our faith during good times and during difficult times.

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests be known to God. 
-Phillipians 4:6

A Prayer for Our World

Good and Gracious God, Almighty Father, Omnipotent Healer:
Your children cry out to you during this time of great worry and uncertainty.
We pray for wisdom to do the right things.
We pray for your healing power to come upon all who are sick and suffering.
We pray for strength to persevere in the days ahead.
Send your Holy Spirit to calm our fears and guide our actions.
We place our trust in You and Your Son … the Way, the Truth and the Life.
And we make this prayer through the intercession of Mary, our Mother.


Prayer Network

We invite you to use the form below to post your intention. Catholic Financial Life has joined in partnership with the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network. Intentions submitted to the Prayer Network will be forwarded automatically to them, so millions of people will pray for your intentions each day.

Submit Prayer Intention

Prayer requests will generally be posted within 48 hours of submission Monday through Friday. Intentions will be prayed for by the seminarians at St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee and during quarterly masses held at the All Saints Chapel in the home office.

Prayer Network

Valentine Judy From Dharwad , Indiana

Submitted: feb. 25, 2024

Pray for Valentine's family to settle in B'lore in the year 2024. Bless Neha with bank job, government job in B'lore. Nikki to be placed in the best Company of Engineering with high package in B'lore. Bless Vellu Judy with good health, good jobs in B'lore. Bless them with suitable, loving, holy, understanding, rich, catholic, healthy life partners who will keep Vellu Judy with them now and always. Bless Vellu Judy with good health and good jobs in B'lore. Heal Neha Nikitaseyes uterus. Heal Nehas throat and eyes from auto immune disease. Heal Judy from cancer, depression, anxietyphobiapanic attacks, phobia, insomnia. Heal Judy from ligament tear of upper left arm. Heal Vellu from liver problem. Bless our finances, lives, intentions, prayers, studies, future, health and teaching profession. Avoid us from comitting sins in thoughts, words, deeds and sight.

Andrew and Nicole From Ellicott City, Maryland

Submitted: feb. 23, 2024

Prayer for Andrew and Nicole Happiness and joy spiritual protection also salvation and assurance of salvation if we are saved praise, God. Also, prayer for financial increase so we aren't lacking our daily needs not enough money. Thank you, Jesus.

Jenna From Chesterfield, Missouri

Submitted: feb. 22, 2024

Please pray extra hard that today this car dealership company goes with my marketing team and hires us on to market for their company for them. Please, I desperately need this job. I promise Dear God that if you make this happen I will pray harder each day and this opportunity will change my life for the better. I have full trust and faith in you God to work your magic right now. Thank you so much. God bless you always. Amen.

Esther From Winnetka, California

Submitted: feb. 20, 2024

I come before you with a heavy heart, seeking guidance and clarity in my relationship with John Wayne. I have questions that only you can answer, and I pray that you will provide me with the wisdom and understanding I need. Firstly, Jesus, I ask if it is worth praying for the restoration of my connection with John Wayne. Is there someone else that you have in store for me? I still feel a deep emotional connection to him, even though he has expressed his emotional unavailability and inability to meet my needs for a serious relationship. Please reveal to me the person you want me to be with, Lord. I acknowledge that my conduct has caused John Wayne to lose respect for me, and I humbly ask for your help in restoring his respect and attraction towards me. I pray that he may see me in a different light, worthy of his admiration. I long for the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings that may have tainted our connection. Lord, I desire to be close to him.

M and B From Sparks, Nevada

Submitted: feb. 17, 2024

Please pray that Jesus would honor Malachi 3:10, Philippians 4:19 as we need one more older person to take care of - nice, kind, trustworthy, and filled with Holy Spirit for the company we work for - to pay rent and fix catalytic converter in a car.

Clint From Choctaw, Oklahoma

Submitted: feb. 14, 2024

Please pray that God will get me a job and deliver me from the porn, Kratom, and nicotine addiction I'm struggling with.

Thiago From Rio de Janeiro, California

Submitted: feb. 13, 2024

Prayer request for Thiago Targino dos Santos, so that his name is on the list of those approved on February 15, 2024 for the FGV/OAB test to become a lawyer! I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Julie Andrei From Bacolod, Texas

Submitted: feb. 07, 2024

Dear Lord and St. Jude, please bring peace to my relationship with the person whom I love, Reign Catherine Santos. Let us continue our beautiful love story and come back together as a couple that is mature, understanding, empathetic, validating of each other's feelings and thoughts, respectful, stronger, happier, peaceful, healthier, and committed to compromising and loving each other unconditionally, fostering a long-lasting and sweeter relationship. Please resolve the problem as soon as possible so that we can restore our love, harmony, and happiness. Bless me and the person whom I love so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges come our way. Fill our hearts and minds with love for each other, and help us recognize each other's worth. Please touch the heart and mind of the person whom I love, filling it with much love for me. Transform our complicated relationship into an uncomplicated one. May Reign feel an immediate desire to be reunited with me and reach out. Amen.

christian From Trophy club, Texas

Submitted: feb. 05, 2024

For my brother, his mental illness, his bad decision making, his family life and marriage that are falling apart because of his mental illness that goes untreated.

Jean From Burlington, Wisconsin

Submitted: feb. 05, 2024

Please pray for my family and family members who are experiencing health issues. Please pray for Tom who just entered hospice at home and has been in extreme pain. Please pray for comfort and peace. Please pray for Bryan who is experiencing an infection after surgery and is in the hospital. Please pray for his comfort and strength to combat the infection. Please pray for Ron who is experiencing severe joint pain, as yet undiagnosed. Please pray for relief from the pain and for the right people to come into his life to assist him with getting to the root cause of the problem. Please pray for Marge who has long covid and is doing her very best to support herself and Bryan. Please pray for all the family members who are doing their very best to support Tom, Bryan, Ron and Marge. Thank you so much!

Sally From Rialto, California

Submitted: feb. 03, 2024

Please pray for my husband Felix, salvation of my marriage, deliverance from alcohol, drugs, and gambling. LORD restore my marriage and remove his stony heart. Thank you.

Rory From U.S.A., Tennessee

Submitted: ene. 31, 2024

This prayer request is for a fellow contact of mine who just told me, without telling me what exactly is wrong with her, that she is unwell and was told at the end of December that she had 4-6 weeks left to live, 8 tops. I pray that she will live, be fully healed and receive full recovery, that despite doctors having no hope and saying a person will not live or be cured our Almighty Creator ultimately determines that and can allow a person to live, be delivered from death and be healed. There may be a cure or treatment available, Creator knows, or if not that a miracle will take place in her body, we ask for a miracle. Above all else, in the event that she is not on the right path though she may declare to be on the right path and think so, I pray that she will find salvation.

Anna From Thornhill, Pennsylvania

Submitted: ene. 23, 2024

Urgent Prayer Request: Henri Lemay is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), heading for open heart surgery - don’t know when. His wife, Anne, asked for prayers. Henri is in critical shape. Please pray. Pass on this Urgent Prayer Request.

Cathy From Bayside, Wisconsin

Submitted: ene. 23, 2024

Dear Lord, please be with our Chapter members who are dealing with various illnesses in their time of need. Pray for us.

Cathy From Bayside, Wisconsin

Submitted: ene. 23, 2024

Please pray for our friend's daughter who is having surgery on Friday, January 26.

Andrew And Nicole From Ellicott City, Maryland

Submitted: ene. 13, 2024

Prayer for Andrew and Nicole healing from headaches, stress, feeling overwhelmed with life problems. Prayer for Jesus to return and rescue us and protection over our marriage. Thank you for praying for us. Also, prayer for salvation if we aren’t saved.

Rosalie From Santa Fe, New Mexico

Submitted: ene. 13, 2024

For the full recover of my mother, Jane. She underwent emergency surgery for a torn aorta. I pray she make a full recovery. That she is healed and that Our Lord will lay his healing hands upon her and bring her back to us. Heal her, Oh Lord

Rory From Memphis, Tennessee

Submitted: ene. 12, 2024

This prayer request is for total healing to any possible damage/injury I may have received to my body from a form of temporary paralysis I experience from time to time (it feels extremely strenuous, full of extreme tension, I become "stiff as a board", feel like I'm unable to move), I feel like certain body parts/organs may be injured/damaged (maybe got overworked/overtaxed, not sure) one occasion within the last weeks (it happened numerous times for long periods during the span of several days) as I've felt things since (which might include: uncomfortableness/tenderness/aches/pains), also for the removal of this paralysis (which feels like a spiritual attack, sounds demonic, I feel I lack complete, if any, control of my actions, the emotion/drive behind it is fear, it's overwhelming, like I can't help it) with complete forgiveness and repentance as needed on my part. I don't know what could cause this issue (like any sin), I feel cursed. I'm asking for a miracle for my body.

William From Crossroads, Texas

Submitted: ene. 04, 2024

Pray, hope and don't worry.

Sherly From Phoenix, Arizona

Submitted: ene. 02, 2024

I humbly request your prayers for the gift of Holy Matrimony and for the Holy Spirit's guidance during my senior year of graduate school. Specifically, I seek prayers for the Holy Spirit to lead me to the right professor who can best guide my research thesis. I ask for God's blessing in my academic endeavors, hoping for inspiration that leads to unique inventions, publications, patents, and the ability to solve problems that have not been addressed before. As I approach my graduation in June 2024, I earnestly pray for a full-time, remote position in Chemical Engineering and Data Science, with a high salary (7 digits). Heavenly Father, I place my trust in you and Jesus alone, as I have no family or spouse for support. I pray for your miraculous intervention in managing and paying off my student loans. In Jesus' name, Amen

Catherine From Bayside, Wisconsin

Submitted: dic. 30, 2023

Pamela, who has just been diagnosed with Hodgins Lymphoma and is starting chemo this week. Jesus, Mary and Joseph please travel with her on this journey and heal her body.

Benjamin From Ikola Odunsi, Ipaja, California

Submitted: dic. 26, 2023

Please pray for the Eternal rest of the soul of my deceased father, Chief Anthony Jagun Dimowo. Thank you.

David From Scranton , Pennsylvania

Submitted: dic. 14, 2023

I am $24,000-$30,000 in debt and don’t have a car to get to work. My family had disowned. Me I don’t know what to do.

Kavitha From Irving, Texas

Submitted: dic. 14, 2023

Please pray for our family. I am struggling with communication issues and anger outbursts with my teenage daughter and husband. Please help me to have good communication with my family. Please pray for Nia and Saji to have an understanding, please help me to hold my family together with love and caring. Nia is getting ready to go to college, please pray for her to get to the best college chosen by God, and to make good friends and life choices.

ANN From Tennyson, Wisconsin

Submitted: dic. 09, 2023

Pray for my brother going through cancer treatments, radiation and chemo.

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