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As a faith-based organization, we are believers in the power of prayer. It is central to who we are and what we do. So, naturally, we draw upon our faith during good times and during difficult times.

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests be known to God. 
-Phillipians 4:6

Prayer Network

We invite you to use the form below to post your intention and join the nearly 143,000 Catholic Financial Life members in prayer.

Catholic Financial Life has joined in partnership with the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network. Intentions submitted to the Prayer Network will be forwarded automatically to them, so millions of people will pray for your intentions each day.

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Prayer intentions will be prayed for during quarterly masses held at the All Saints Chapel in the Home Office.

Take a moment to read the prayer intentions of our members and remember them in your prayers.

Prayer Network

Bill From Pleasant prairie, Wisconsin

Submitted: Mar 19, 2019

Please pray for Braxton Arnold, for successful heart surgery. Braxton is two months old...

Diane From Baton Rouge , Louisiana

Submitted: Feb 07, 2019

Praise pray for Diane Richard who has stomach pain she’s been having them for three days they keep coming and going please bake it in the get well right now

marvin From sterling heights, Michigan

Submitted: Jan 31, 2019

I pray for the health,holiness and happiness of my family and I. That we are helped in all our current problems.

Angelina From Jaipur, Wisconsin

Submitted: Jan 21, 2019

It has been two years till now that I am trying each and every direction that life offers me. I completed MSc in Chemistry in Dec, 2017 and applying for PhD in Chemistry. I am in depression and so if my family as there no paths visible to me after talking to so many advisors. I send applications but getting no answers. I wish that you pray to Jesus that he leads and guides me to where I am supposed to be and to what I am supposed to contribute. Thank you very much for praying for me.

Therese From Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Submitted: Jan 14, 2019

Please God do not let our car inspection cost more then I have saved.

Jessica From North Augusta , South Carolina

Submitted: Jan 04, 2019

I am in need of a miracle for my marriage to be restored please pray for me please please

Celine From 9043 s york ct,Oak creek, Wisconsin

Submitted: Jan 02, 2019

My daughter is suffering with depression and anxiety. Looking for a job.Please pray for her getting job. I know God can help with these.

Al From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: Dec 26, 2018

Please keep Al in your daily prayers. Al was admitted into the hospital at Froehdtert. He is doing well and we would like for him to come home soon.

Sally From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: Dec 17, 2018

For brothers Philip and David, and their families. May the Lord bless them with healing, peace, and strength now and in the future.

Sally From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: Dec 05, 2018

For our friends, Don and Jo Ann, as they mourn the loss of Jo Ann's mother, Antonina. May she now be experiencing the joys of Heaven, and may her family feel the Lord close beside them during this difficult time.

Nixabel From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: Nov 30, 2018

Please say a prayer for Nixabel who might be losing her job.

Robin From Greenfield, Wisconsin

Submitted: Nov 28, 2018

I would appreciate prayers for two friends of ours - Mike and Katie. They are both receiving treatments for Leukemia. Thank you.

Alfred From Machias, Maine

Submitted: Nov 28, 2018

Please pray for Eric's salvation- "Heavenly Father, please have mercy and compassion on Eric. Please help Eric. Please draw Eric to Jesus Christ. Please help Eric to find hope, faith, trust, and love in and through Jesus Christ. May Eric experience the joy of salvation. Please heal him in spirit, soul, and body. Please meet all of his needs and save him and his family in the name of Jesus Christ...Amen"

Elizabeth From Milwaukee , Wisconsin

Submitted: Nov 21, 2018

Dear friends, please pray for the successful gallbladder surgery for Rose Ann K. being performed today, November 21st, and her swift recovery afterwards. She is a petite, elderly woman in her mid to late 70’s who lives alone. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they are much appreciated.

Kim From Waterford, Wisconsin

Submitted: Nov 21, 2018

Please pray for my niece who is going through postpartum depression and is very ill. Please pray for all new mothers and remove anxiety and give them rest and joy.

Sally From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Submitted: Nov 19, 2018

For the family of Rosemary Wojcik, who passed away on Saturday. May they feel the Lord close beside them during this difficult time and may Rosemary be experiencing all the joys of Heaven.

Katie & Matt From St. Louis

Submitted: Nov 09, 2018

Prayers for the family as they grieve the loss of the stillborn child on 11/03/18.

Mary From New Berlin, Wisconsin

Submitted: Nov 06, 2018

All prayers appreciated for a beautiful wedding weekend for our daughter and that she is healthy and happy.

Victor From Lawrenceville

Submitted: Oct 28, 2018

Pray against marine spirit. pray for Church Growth, and Financial breakthrough.

Mary From New Berlin, Wisconsin

Submitted: Oct 26, 2018

Please pray for all those who are suffering, the homeless, hungry, sick, lonely.

Elizabeth From Milwaukee Milwaukee

Submitted: Oct 24, 2018

Please pray for my 20yr. old nephew, a college junior, who’s had a serious relapse in managing the severe depression he’s been experiencing since adolescence and has just been admitted to a local mental health facility. He won’t take his medication which has partially contributed to his relapse. His family is not in/near the city of his college and his parents, particularly his mother, are frantic and extremely anguished. On top of which, Freddy has a brother who’s a junior in high school, in his home state,experiencing severe depression and mental health issues as well. Please ask our Lord for intervention and guidance for Freddy and his family towards helping them find relief from their pain and anxiety. Thank you all very much for your thoughts and prayers.

Zach From Dubuque

Submitted: Oct 22, 2018

Please pray for my Uncle and all those who are battling cancer. He found out he had cancer a week after my wedding (one year ago). He's fought and is in remission at this time, but I know not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford the care he received and is battling at different stages of a terrifying illness. Pray for the strength of all those battling, and all those supporting those battling cancer. Thank you and God Bless

Alice From Milwaukee

Submitted: Oct 19, 2018

Alice will have surgery on 10/23/2018 to prepare her for her kidney dialysis in January 2019. Please keep her in your prayers.

Radha From Chennai

Submitted: Oct 18, 2018

prayer for our daughters tmj problems she should be out of mother please help that child

Radha From Chennai

Submitted: Oct 18, 2018

prayer for healing our daughters tmj problems

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