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An important part of our mission is "serving God through serving others." In addition to our associates, our network of more than 117,000 members actively reach out in service to offer volunteer support. Whether it’s through our Chapters or Impact Teams, we work to make a positive impact in our members' communities.



As a not-for-profit organization governed by our members, our chapter system plays a pivotal role in fulfilling Catholic Financial Life’s mission. The chapter system gives each member a voice in the governing of the business and the opportunity to improve their community.

Our chapters conduct more than 1,450 volunteer activities each year. Chapter funds are used to sponsor social and charitable projects. Local chapters elect chapter leaders who help local members receive the full benefit of their membership by organizing and encouraging participation in chapter activities.

Chapters also support our common cause, to serve the needs of the poor, by sponsoring activities to benefit our national partner, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. And through our Special Needs Chapter Program, chapters raise funds to support organizations that serve those with special needs, individuals with special needs, and caregivers.

Today, Catholic Financial Life has 157 chapters in 21 states. These chapters provide volunteer opportunities that put to use the time, talents and interests of all of our members.

To learn more about your Chapter and how to get involved, visit:

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Impact Teams


We want to help you do good things in your community. Simply gather a team of friends, family or neighbors to put on a service project or fundraiser. We’ll provide the resources you need to get started—including $150 in seed money. Then you and your team can get busy doing good things.

How Can I Do Good Things?

We’re glad you asked!

  1. Pick a project you’re passionate about.
  2. Invite at least five friends to join your Impact Team.
  3. Register your Impact Team by completing an application.
  4. If approved, we’ll send you seed money and Impact Team t-shirts.
  5. Do good! Rally your team to make an impact in your community.
  6. Share your success story. Send us your Impact Team report and follow-up story with photos so we can celebrate your success.

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