Joseph E. Gadbois “God Bless America” Photo Contest

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Thank you to all who submitted entries for the Joseph E. Gadbois “God Bless America” photo contest! Photos were selected based on quality, composition and alignment with the theme. Here are the contest winners, along with Joseph E. Gadbois’ comments on why they were chosen.


Adult Entries - Event

Adult Entries - Event

4th of July Parade, Franklin, Wis.
By Laurie K. 
 “This photo shows the country’s optimistic future in the energetic faces of children.”

Adult Entries - Person

With God All is Possible ‐ Before Deployment to the Middle East
By Wendy D.
“This shows the commitment of both the soldier and the loved one left at home.”

Adult Entries - Place

God Blesses Calumet County Cross (Taken at Calumet County Park, Stockbridge, WI)
By Wayne B.
“The cross symbolizes the power of faith so necessary in our country today.”

Youth Entries - Place

Leaf Floating in Oil at Pearl Harbor
By Dominic O.
“This photo represents a unique perspective to one of our nation’s most revered national memorials.”

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