Five Wishes

Five Wishes

At Catholic Financial Life, we help provide solutions for you and your family. Beyond financial guidance, members have access to many value-added benefits, including the Five Wishes program.

Five Wishes is the first living will that talks about your personal, emotional, and spiritual needs as well as your medical wishes. It lets you choose the person you want to make healthcare decisions for you if you are not able to make them yourself.

It allows you to express:

  • The person you trust to make decisions for you
  • What types of medical treatment you would want – or not want
  • What is most important for your comfort and dignity
  • What important spiritual or faith traditions should be remembered
  • What you want your loved ones and healthcare providers to know about you

Though we don’t like to think about it, a change in our health or an accident can happen to anyone at any time. Members are encouraged to fill out this free document to help communicate your wishes to your loved ones.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a paper copy of Five Wishes, please contact Catholic Financial Life’s Home Office or your Advisor at (800) 927-2547. To download a digital copy of Five Wishes, please log into My Account and select Member Benefits.


Why should I fill out an advance directive (living will)?

An advance directive like Five Wishes allows you to guide important medical care decisions that might be made if you ever get seriously ill – such as whether to give you life-support treatment. You may think that your loved ones and doctors will know what you want when you are very ill, but in reality, everyone has different wishes and it’s important to make them clearly known. Expressing your wishes in an advance directive like Five Wishes helps empower your family, friends and doctor to make the best decisions when the time comes, and helps avoid disagreements about what to do. Completing the Five Wishes advance directive can help you and your loved ones gain peace of mind around these difficult decisions.

When do I need to use the Five Wishes advance directive?
When does the Five Wishes advance directive take effect?
Is the Five Wishes advance directive a legal document?
Does the Five Wishes advance directive meet HIPAA requirements?
How do I use the Five Wishes advance directive?
Does filling out Five Wishes guarantee that my wishes will be followed?
Who should be my healthcare agent?
What do I do if I don’t have anyone I can name as my healthcare agent?
Which is better to have: a living will or a healthcare agent?
What if I fill out the Five Wishes advance directive and later change my mind?
What changes can I make and which changes require a new Five Wishes advance directive?

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