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Kathy Arnold | St. Roman Parish School | Milwaukee, Wis.

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Reason for Nomination

Mrs. Arnold is a wonderful 4th grade teacher. She keeps the students engaged and helps them to understand the world around them. She incorporates in class learning with field trips to bring it all together. She has the students make a book about important places and things in Wisconsin and takes them on field trips that explore the wonderful things Wisconsin has to offer. Students also complete a state project where each student is assigned a state to research and present their findings to the class. Each year she takes students on a field trip to Feeding America to volunteer so they can understand the importance of volunteering in the community. Mrs. Arnold also volunteers at Feeding America in her spare time and helps run the drama club. Mrs. Arnold started a tradition at St. Roman about 15 years ago. Her 4th grade class performs the Living Stations of the Cross during Lent complete with special songs and costumes. Teachers, alumni and parishioners come to watch this moving performance year after year. The students also have a greater understanding of Lent and ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us.  Near the end of the school year she coordinates a Lumberjack breakfast with the parents. Students are encouraged to dress in colonial or lumberjack clothing and are treated to a pancake breakfast with Wisconsin maple syrup and maple flavored bacon. The students bring in a project that reflects colonial times (log cabins made from pretzels, deserts made from maple syrup, items carved from soap and a few other things). The students participate in games inspired by colonial times and sing songs about Wisconsin. Mrs. Arnold has been a teacher at St. Roman since 1981 and each year she gets better and better.  St. Roman is truly blessed to have such a hard working dedicated teacher. She does everything she can to make sure her students succeed. She has one goal each year: to help her students reach theirs.

- Olivia

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