Announcing Trusted Fraternal Life, a Family of Brands

March 5, 2024

On March 5, 2024, we announced the establishment of Trusted Fraternal Life, a family of brands. In the below video, President and CEO, John Borgen, shares why this is an exciting time for Catholic Financial Life, our members, and other fraternal organizations who join the Trusted Fraternal Life family.

Achieving Our Vision

In 2017, the Board of Directors adopted the following vision statement:

To be the innovative leader in fraternal partnerships and consolidation, while growing our
existing business, and engaging more people to enjoy financially secure, purposeful lives.

For the past two years, the Board has considered several different strategies to achieve this vision. After much careful analysis and deliberation, the Board unanimously voted to establish Trusted Fraternal Life while continuing to market Catholic Financial Life as the Society’s flagship brand. Read amended Articles and Bylaws.

The Opportunity

The purpose of creating Trusted Fraternal Life is to facilitate consolidation in the fraternal sector, while preserving unique identities and traditions, and achieving additional scale to compete, to be relevant, and to grow. In the process, we will build the NextGen fraternal benefit society.

Consolidation has been happening in the life insurance industry and the fraternal sector for the past 30 years. In fact, Catholic Financial Life is the result of nine different mergers during that time (five Catholic organizations, four non-Catholic.)

Creating Trusted Fraternal Life is an opportunity to leverage our track record of merger success with a unique approach to fraternal consolidation while investing in diverse brands for organic growth.

The Design

Fraternal organizations that join the Trusted Fraternal Life family of brands will maintain the essence of their brand identity while achieving economies of scale, pursue growth opportunities in different markets and make an even greater community impact.

“It’s really no different than Coke being part of the Coca-Cola Company,” said John Borgen, President & CEO. The Coca-Cola Company has hundreds of brands throughout the world including Coke, Dasani, Gold Peak Tea, Powerade and Minute Maid, to name a few. Trusted Fraternal Life is similar to the Coca-Cola Company with multiple brands. “Catholic Financial Life is the flagship brand of Trusted Fraternal Life like Coke is the flagship brand of the Coca-Cola Company,” he explained. In time, other organizations will become part of the Trusted Fraternal Life family of brands.

Member Impact

Catholic Financial Life has been protecting members and their families and being a force for good in local parishes and communities for more than 155 years—that does not change. Members are still part of Catholic Financial Life; they are in the same Catholic Financial Life chapter, enjoy the same member benefits, and continue to support local charities as decided by local members just as they always have. All of this will continue in the name of Catholic Financial Life.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below by clicking the orange plus signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catholic Financial Life doing?

We are establishing a family of brands under the name Trusted Fraternal Life with Catholic Financial Life as its flagship brand. This decision was made by the Catholic Financial Life Board of Directors following two years of strategic discussions discerning the best way to achieve our vision—to be the innovative leader in fraternal partnerships and consolidation.

Why is Catholic Financial Life doing this now?
How does this benefit members?
When is it effective?
What changes for Catholic Financial Life members and local chapters?
Does this change Catholic Financial Life’s mission or support for Catholic causes?
Does the name on the Home Office building change?
Does a member’s agent or advisor change?

Email if you have any questions.

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