Creating Pathways to Catholic Education: The Volkman Story

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Creating Pathways to Catholic Education: The Volkman Story


Education is one of Catholic Financial Life’s central values for our members, especially those with young children. Catholic education provides guidance and learning opportunities that align with our faith-based values, which is also a priority for members Jody and Mandy Volkman, parents to Denali and Kenai. After becoming Catholic Financial Life members for retirement planning, they explored scholarship opportunities for their daughters’ Catholic schooling.

Pursuing Scholarship Opportunities

The Volkmans knew they wanted a faith-based component in their daughters' education and overall development. Catholic Financial Life’s scholarship program makes that goal possible. The Volkman family, and many others who are part of the Catholic Financial Life network, understand that these scholarships provide more than an immediate financial benefit. The value of Catholic education and integrating faith and religious studies provides an integral component of a student’s experience and advisors at Catholic Financial Life know the importance of making Catholic education attainable to all families who share this priority.

“Because [Denali and Kenai] are enrolled in [Catholic Financial Life] insurance products, they are eligible for scholarships in Catholic elementary school and high school – they’ve applied and we’ve received a scholarship … that really is reducing the tuition burden that families face when choosing a private school,” Jody said.

In keeping with the values held by Catholic Financial Life and many Catholic schools for which the foundation provides scholarships, service hours are part of the scholarship application for students. Mandy noted how weaving service into the application process teaches students the greater purpose behind Catholic Financial Life’s programs.

“It encourages the high school students to think, not just about ‘what am I getting?,’ but about going out into the community, giving back and seeing the needs in the community,” Mandy said.

Catholic Financial Life members are united by a common passion and cause to care for one another, to uphold one another’s values. In turn, the organization provides financial support and protection for the things that matter most. Our team of advisors, associates and robust member network understands programs like scholarships for Catholic education are not just another check in the mail, but they make up the fabric of a generation’s development. By extending our reach into the community, schooling and households, our purpose and impact are magnified and differentiated by our members.

For more information about how to apply for our scholarships, please contact us here.

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