Special Member Benefits Just For YOU!

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Special Member Benefits Just For YOU!


Did you know that as a member of Catholic Financial Life, you are eligible to apply for a number of special value-added benefits that can enhance your membership? These benefits are one component of membership that differentiates Catholic Financial Life from commercial and mutual life insurance companies.

Educational Benefits:

Scholarships – Last year, we awarded nearly $300,000 in scholarships to our members! This is one of our most popular member benefits, and are offered to students from elementary school through college.
Financial Benefits:

Member Rewards Program – Looking to save money at your favorite stores? Members may receive savings of up to 70 percent at hundreds of national and local merchants, such as Costco, Disney, Verizon Wireless, Starbucks, and Target! Last year, members saved nearly $75,000!
Additional benefits include estate planning, childhood cancer benefit, special needs benefit, and family protection.
Wellness Benefits:

Family Care Suite – We offer a hospitality apartment for members or members’ families hospitalized in the Milwaukee area. A home away from home, the suite is available at no cost, subject to availability.
Prescription Savings Program – Members and their families can receive prescription savings on name brand and generic medications, vision and hearing care, diabetes care and supplies, and daily living products.
Spiritual Benefits:

Camp – Do your kids enjoy going to summer camp? Members are eligible for up to $100 toward the cost of attending a Catholic summer camp.
Retreat – Retreats can be times of discover, prayer and spiritual growth. Members are eligible for $100 annually toward the cost of a Catholic retreat.
Sacramental – Are you celebrating your child’s First Communion? The sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Matrimony are recognized with a commemorative gift. In addition, confirmands are eligible for $100 toward the cost of a confirmation retreat and seminarians are also eligible for scholarships.

For full eligibility requirements, to apply for any of these benefits or to request more information, contact us at 800-927-2547 or visit www.catholicfinanciallife.org/benefits

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