Catholic Financial Life is All About Family

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For Advisor Sharyl Zillmer, Catholic Financial Life is All About Family


Sharyl ZillmerFamily means everything to Sharyl Zillmer. The ability to balance being there for her family while running a successful business is a big part of the reason she decided to become a Catholic Financial Life Advisor. Her own family ties are another reason she chose this career.

Sharyl is no stranger to Catholic Financial Life. Her mom, Kathie Ramthun, has been an Advisor for 30 years. Her sister, Megan Sargent, is also an Advisor. So when Sharyl was looking for a flexible job she could do from home, she knew Catholic Financial Life would be perfect for her.

As a stay-at-home mom with five kids, Sharyl wanted a job she could succeed at while not sacrificing time with her family. Sharyl remembered watching her mom balance work and home life with Catholic Financial Life. Sharyl was hired as an Advisor and fell in love with the job.

Sharyl has been an Advisor with Catholic Financial Life for eight years now. Before becoming an Advisor, she missed a lot of events in her kids’ lives due to work. One of her first Friday nights after becoming a CFL Advisor, she was able to attend her son’s basketball game. During the game, her son suffered a head injury. “I knew in that instant, I made the right choice,” she said. Because she was at the game, she was there when her son needed her.

“This job allows me - and wants me - to put my family first.”

What initially attracted her - flexibility, the opportunity to help others, and the connection to her own faith - has stayed with her throughout her career. She also enjoys being part of something bigger than herself.

“Our job is so important,” said Sharyl. “We provide peace of mind when families are going through the worst times of their lives.”

By putting members first and preparing them for whatever comes their way, Sharyl has formed lasting relationships with her members. In helping a friend find the right insurance for her family, the friend shared that she was worried because her 15-year-old son was unable to get insurance due to a diagnosis. Sharyl did some research and discovered that because one parent was a member, the child was eligible for Catholic Financial Life’s child protection benefit. Sharyl reached out to her friend to tell her about the benefit, and the woman burst into tears, thanking her.

“At that moment, I realized the impact that this is making on people. That’s when I realized, this isn’t just about being a number. It’s about something more,” Sharyl said.

Catholic Financial Life allows and encourages Sharyl to connect with her community. At her home parish, Holy Trinity in Kewaskum, Catholic Financial Life has matched her fundraising efforts. She’s able to connect other parents at her children’s school with scholarship opportunities and make sure they take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a Catholic Financial Life member.

Sharyl is grateful for everything her career at Catholic Financial Life has offered. She is able to take off summers to spend time with her children. Not only does her mom work with her, Sharyl’s sister does as well. “We’re lucky to be as close as we are, both physically as well as the bond we have,” Sharyl said. “We work well together ... 99 percent of the time (laughs).”

Many of Sharyl’s clients have become good friends. She can work from home and is encouraged to be herself with her members. And the support she receives from the Home Office has helped her to have a successful business.

“Here, you are truly supported because they want and need you to be successful,” she says.

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