Unique Care for Special Needs: The Mette Family

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Unique Care for Special Needs: The Mette Family


Catholic Financial Life conducts our business with a “Main Street, not Wall Street” approach, serving our members on a community level through all of life’s seasons. Caring for our members with special needs remains a crucial element of our mission, and allows us to be a part of some of our members’ most life-altering moments. Catholic Financial Life members Michelle and Michael James Mette reflect on how Catholic Financial Life supported them through their daughter’s diagnosis.

Catholic Financial Life members since 2012, Michelle and Michael James Mette tour the nation with their eight children as Mette Family Ministries. When their children were born, Michelle and Michael James enrolled each of them with Catholic Financial Life’s insurance policies; all of the family members are Catholic Financial Life members. While most of the Mette children’s policies look similar, one of the daughters, Fidelity, is an exception.

Serving Those with Special Needs

When Fidelity was born, she was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome, a genetic condition that impacts her metabolism, feeding and overall development. After Fidelity’s diagnosis, the Mette family discovered new ways that Catholic Financial Life would stay by their side as they walked this path.

As Michelle brought Fidelity home from the NICU, she evaluated her options for Catholic Financial Life insurance, and worried that her daughter may not qualify for coverage.

“I sent an email and said, ‘I know this is a longshot…’ explained her condition, and just called it done. I got a response back and they said, ‘You’re right, her condition does not qualify for life insurance, but we have a program for people just like Fidelity. We can insure her, it is going to be a little different than your other kids, but we’re happy to offer this to you,’” Michelle explained.

The Mettes remember this moment as a turning point in their membership with Catholic Financial Life.

Hearing this family’s story reminds us at Catholic Financial Life that the work we do is more than just a business, but a ministry; it’s not just financial solutions, but a mission.

“We had a relationship with Catholic Financial Life before Fidelity’s condition, during that tumultuous period and now after as we are in a different chapter of life. It has been interesting to see how that relationship and interaction has changed on our end, but not on their end. This is what Catholic Financial Life does, day in and day out,” Michael James said.

Catholic Financial Life advisors continue their relationship with Michael James and Michelle, Fidelity and the rest of their children today. As the Mettes continue to strengthen their relationship with Catholic Financial Life, they uphold their commitment to sharing God’s word. They embody the mission of serving God through serving others, and we remain grateful for their partnership.

Are you interested in learning more about Catholic Financial Life’s commitment to serving members with special needs? Reach out to us to learn more.

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