For the Mette Family, it’s More Than Life Insurance

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For the Mette Family, it’s More Than Life Insurance


Michelle Mette wasn’t familiar with Catholic Financial Life when she was first approached by the organization. After she met with CFL leaders at a concert her husband and children were in, she could tell right away they were passionate about their business and intentional about finding a way to work with the Mette’s ministry.

Michael and Michelle Mette manage Mette Family Ministries. They’ve been married for 21 years and have eight children. Michael and their four eldest daughters perform worship music as the band MJM7. The family is based in Effingham, Ill., and travels around the country to bring music and worship to others.

The family is rooted in their faith. Both Michael and Michelle were raised Catholic; Michael has a degree in theology and spent time as a youth minister. The family has dedicated themselves to bringing the Word of God to others through their music ministry. It is because of their deep faith that they admire Catholic Financial Life so much.

“I’ve been impressed time and time again. They talk about putting Catholic values in action and that’s exactly what they do,” said Michael. “They’ve proven that even when it may be different than a business interest.”

The Mette’s experienced this commitment first-hand as Catholic Financial Life members. When their daughter Fidelity was born, she was diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome, an incurable genetic disorder. Michelle reached out to their Advisor, Joe Kohut, believing Fidelity would most likely not qualify for life insurance due to her condition. However, she was relieved when the Advisor told her Catholic Financial Life offers a plan that covers uninsurable conditions. They would be able to get a policy to cover Fidelity.

“That’s Catholic faith in action. To see a life insurance company say, ‘This is a hardship that can fall on parents and we want to support them by taking away that hardship.’ Those are their words in action,” said Michelle.

With the help of Catholic Financial Life, the Mette’s have been able to extend the reach of their ministry. CFL sponsored the Mette’s for a series of shows on a New England tour. From donations they received on tour, the family was able to buy a tour bus. They went from doing 50 concerts a year to 85. The support they received from Catholic Financial Life was, in the Mette’s words, “a win-win.” The Mette’s increased their outreach, while representing Catholic Financial Life and the values they share.

Catholic Financial Life does more than just support the family’s ministry; they support their personal and spiritual growth. Catholic Financial Life offers scholarships for students, special medical accommodations for those who need it, and a stipend to attend a spiritual retreat each year, something the Mette’s personally enjoy. 

“They’re really putting their money where their mouth is. It’s not just a business transaction, it is a fraternal organization that really wants to see its Members thriving in mind, body and spirit,” said Michael.

Through Catholic Financial Life, the Mette’s have had an opportunity to develop lasting relationships. Even though their Advisor lives almost 100 miles away from them, they know that he cares about their family as more than members. Catholic Financial Life’s mission is about more than business, and the Mette’s have seen that in every step of their journey.

Catholic Financial Life recently sponsored a Facebook Live concert featuring MJM7. You can watch that here. For more information on MJM7, visit their website.

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