As Life Changes, So Do Financial Concerns


Life is full of changing priorities. That’s why ongoing financial discussions are important when planning for a financially secure future.

A new study found that only 52% of Americans own life insurance. And among those who do own life insurance, 21% say they don’t have enough coverage.* Here are some instances when it’s a good idea to consider life insurance and ensure the right coverage amounts are in place.

High school and college grads

They are young, healthy, and ready to start a career—life insurance typically isn’t top of mind for high school and college grads. But the younger someone is the more affordable life insurance is to purchase—a 26-year-old healthy woman can buy a $250,000 term life insurance policy for less than a $1 a day. Most people spend four times that amount each day on coffee!

A life insurance policy can also safeguard a cosigner from repaying student loans should something happen to a new graduate before student loans are paid off.

It’s also a thoughtful and forward-thinking gift—life insurance can ensure a financial safety net for a future spouse and loved ones.

A top reason why grads don’t buy life insurance is a lack of knowledge. Tell the young people in your life about the benefits and the affordability of buying life insurance at a young age.

Newly married and growing families

With marriage comes new responsibilities. Every decision will impact someone else, so it’s a smart move to buy life insurance.

Purchasing life insurance often centers on replacing the primary breadwinner’s income in order to pay the mortgage, school fees, and other household expenses. But it’s equally important to purchase a policy for a spouse who runs the household, cares for children, and does a litany of things that would be difficult to replace. Life insurance makes it easier for life to continue without extensive financial burdens should a spouse pass away.

A top reason why newly married and couples with growing families don’t buy life insurance is they don’t know how much to purchase. Tell the couples in your life about how Catholic Financial Life can work with them to tailor the right products and the right coverage for their particular needs.

The blessing of children

Insuring a child is often overlooked because of limited knowledge about life insurance products. Remember, a policy is less expensive at a younger age, so it’s advantageous to lock in a rate when children are young. A policy also affords the possibility to build wealth or a cash value that can be leveraged in adulthood. It’s not uncommon to see grandparents purchase policies as a gift toward their grandchildren’s financial future.

A top reason why parents don’t buy life insurance for children is lack of understanding about the long-term benefits. Tell the parents in your life about the options to lock in a low rate and build cash value for their children.

Aging loved ones

During later years in life, people often consider life insurance to avoid leaving behind expenses that loved ones will have to pay after they pass. Those expenses could include funeral and burial services, outstanding bills, or anything else.

A final expense policy helps to eliminate the concern of leaving behind a financial burden during the stressful time of losing a loved one. And the best part is that final expense policies don’t require medical questions or exams for folks ages 50-80.

A top reason why older people don’t buy life insurance is a belief that they won’t be accepted. Tell the older folks in your life about Catholic Financial Life final expense life insurance—there’s no required medical exam!


Being a caregiver for a loved one is an incredible responsibility and is often overlooked as a reason to buy life insurance. If something happens to a caregiver, be it you, a family member, or someone else, what will happen to the one being cared for? There are tailored opportunities to purchase coverage that will ensure care continues for a loved one should a caregiver pass away.

A top reason why caregivers don’t buy life insurance is they never thought about it! Tell the caregivers in your life to consider life insurance so that the people they care for are protected.

Catholic Financial Life is here to help

With every stage of life there are new financial concerns to consider, but one thing is certain: owning life insurance can eliminate financial fears and burdens.

Catholic Financial Life exists to help people secure a financial future for their loved ones—and we take that responsibility seriously. To learn more or to review your coverage needs, contact your advisor or call (800) 965-2547.

*LIMRA 2023 Insurance Barometer Study - Focus on Life Insurance: Ownership, Behaviors, and Attitudes

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