Reaching Out in Times of Need: The Hafenstein Family

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Reaching Out in Times of Need: The Hafenstein Family


As part of our mission, Catholic Financial Life puts our Catholic values into action by serving God through serving others. Our associates, along with our network of members, actively reach out in service to offer volunteer support. Jim and Bernadette Hafenstein have been Catholic Financial Life members for over 50 years, consistently living the Catholic Financial Life mission to give back, especially after they saw outreach from the community during their hardest moments.

Solidarity in the face of tragedy

In 1984, The Hafensteins lost their home in a tornado. When this tragedy struck, Catholic Financial Life partner, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, immediately reached out to bring needed supplies to the Hafenstein family, free of charge. Jim and Bernadette have been involved with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul ever since.

Catholic Financial Life noticed the couple’s commitment to giving back and wanted to thank them for their efforts. After a nomination from their niece, Jim and Bernadette Hafenstein received Catholic Financial Life’s Servant of the Poor Award.

“It was very humbling because when I look around and see what other people are doing, I always feel like they are doing much more. We don’t volunteer and do things for recognition, but every so often it’s nice to know that you’re on the right path,” Jim said.

The Hafensteins, along with many other members, contribute countless hours to serving their communities. In fact, our chapters conduct more than 1,450 volunteer activities each year. Whether it’s through our chapters or impact teams, Catholic Financial Life works to make a positive difference in our members' communities.

Through matching funds, Catholic Financial Life amplifies members’ efforts to make an even bigger positive impact and help more people.

“Our chapter does ‘Sundae on a Sunday,’ and the amount that we raise goes to the Dodge County Food Pantry. Catholic Financial Life helps the chapters help the people in their community,” Bernadette said.

Today, Catholic Financial Life has 176 chapters in 22 states. These chapters provide volunteer opportunities that put to use the time, talents and interests of all of our members, and further the mission of our organization on a local level.

Visit our website to learn about volunteer opportunities with Catholic Financial Life.


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