Catholic Financial Life Delivers Strong Financial Results in 2019

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Catholic Financial Life Delivers Strong Financial Results in 2019


For more than 150 years, Catholic Financial Life has put values into action by serving God through serving others. We take that part of our mission statement to heart, whether it’s providing scholarships for students in need or inspiring service among our members and volunteer chapters. Our success comes from taking a “Main Street” not “Wall Street” approach to financial services.

Financial Results

In 2019, Catholic Financial Life delivered impressive financial results. Regardless of what happens with the national or global economy, our members know they have a trusted partner who has strong financial resources to weather any storm. Our fiscally conservative approach ensures that Catholic Financial Life will fulfill our promises to you and your loved ones.

Highlights of our 2019 financial performance include:

  • Kroll Bond Rating Agency reaffirmed our A-financial strength rating and stable outlook
  • Surplus increased from $99 million to $109 million
  • Total adjusted capital was more than $122 million in 2019, up from $110 million in 2018
  • Risk-based capital (RBC) ratio grew to 1062 percent in 2019, compared to 949 percent in 2018
  • Net income was $8.7 million
  • Over 90 percent of the Society’s assets are invested in high-quality, investment-grade corporate bonds
  • Less than one percent of the Society’s assets are invested in the stock market
  • $29.6 million returned to members in the form of interest and dividends

Community Impact

Knowing our members want to be part of something greater than themselves allows us to have a tremendous community impact. Through our members and network of 216 volunteer chapters across the country, Catholic Financial Life:

  • Volunteered nearly 104,000 hours with an economic impact of more than $2.6 million;
  • Raised, matched and donated $1.9 million for churches, schools, local organizations and individuals in need; and,
  • Sponsored more than 2,600 chapter activities with more than 254,000 attendees.

As an organization, we awarded $290,000 in grade school, high school and college scholarships. More than $77,000 was raised and matched for our Special Needs Chapter Program.

We also looked for ways to honor those who give back to the community. We launched the Angels Among Us program to recognize individuals whose selfless volunteer service impacts our local communities. One of those angels is Ms. E, a teacher who used her own salary to deliver teaching materials to low-income bilingual K-3/K-4 students with a wide range of intellectual disabilities and language barriers to help them transition to high-quality online instruction amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year is unlike anything we could have predicted. The global pandemic has illustrated, more than ever, the value of life insurance in protecting your loved ones. As millions of people have lost their jobs, it further highlights the need to have insurance independent of your employer.

While much has changed, our faith gives us the confidence to persevere and trust that better days are coming. Know that as members of Catholic Financial Life, we are always with you.

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