Mission-Driven Work and Unlimited Growth: Life as a CFL Advisor

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Mission-Driven Work and Unlimited Growth: Life as a CFL Advisor


Catholic Financial Life’s advisors are a strong example of putting our values into action, proving not all financial services companies are the same. We recently spoke with three advisors to learn what brought them to Catholic Financial Life, and how our model of being different by design transformed their careers for the better.

Enrique SandovalEnrique’s Path to Success

The path that brought Enrique Sandoval, an advisor based in the greater Chicago area, to Catholic Financial Life started on the fútbol field in Mexico. Growing up, Enrique always wanted to be a professional athlete, and when he came to the U.S. at age 14, he got to pursue his passion for soccer at his high school. Upon graduation, he chose to make his dream of going pro happen. After four years playing professional fútbol in Mexico, he moved back to the U.S. to explore career opportunities allowing him to work with people. When he found a career in insurance, he embarked on the chance to do just that. 

Enrique worked as an independent agent for years, but he soon realized many so-called “opportunities” came with immense responsibility and time commitment. He saw the path to success required unrealistic workloads, and a lifestyle that brought the reward he sought was unsustainable long-term. Enrique wanted something different for his future. 

That’s when he found Catholic Financial Life. He found fulfillment in even more ways than he did as an independent agent. “My goal is to tell people what I do. That might sound so simple, but I just want to let people know that there are many ways to prevent the inevitable,” Enrique said. In upholding this goal, Enrique built a robust network of clients, who became a community of friends.

As a Catholic Financial Life advisor, you are more than just a number. Embedded in purpose and true to the organization’s Catholic values, advisors have a shared foundation: to help their members find protection in some of life’s most difficult and vulnerable moments. 

“I’m there to sell insurance, but at the end of the day, even if they don’t end up getting the insurance, I had a lot of fun; and when I end up helping them, I think, ‘I had fun, I ended up helping them and I am going to get paid on top of it,’” Enrique said.

Ida MarinezIda’s Favorite Part of the Job

Ida Martinez, an advisor in Milwaukee, noted how the opportunity to help others is one of her favorite parts of her Catholic Financial Life career. 

“The most rewarding part of my role is that I get to work with people … I also get the opportunity to help them protect their loved ones through life insurance. I think sometimes people don’t see the importance of life insurance, but once they allow us to meet with them and show them the value that it can add to their lives, they will want to do something to protect them,” Ida said. 

At Catholic Financial Life, there is a reason we call the people we serve “members,” and not “customers.” We are a community-based, not-for-profit financial services provider, and we take a “Main Street” not “Wall Street” approach to doing business. Our advisors provide financial security to individuals in their community.

Kristin O'ConnellKristin’s Family Comes First

Kristin O’Connell, an advisor based in Green Bay, noted how in addition to helping her community, advisors find fulfillment in a career that provides flexibility and prosperity. She can attend her kids’ baseball games, run marathons and go up north with friends and family all the while achieving her personal and professional goals. Catholic Financial Life provides opportunities to travel, a lucrative compensation plan and reliable support from the Home Office. 

“A career as a Catholic Financial Life advisor requires dedication and effort, but those willing to put in the time can have a very successful career. With self-motivation, the sky is the limit,” Kristin says.


Are you looking for a meaningful way to help people make decisions about their financial futures? Catholic Financial Life is seeking dedicated advisors to join our team. Learn how you can be part of something different. 

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