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An annuity lets you accumulate money for retirement, providing tax-deferred growth during the accumulation years. You can choose from a number of payout options to make the most of your money during your retirement years.

Fixed annuities offer:

  • Safety    
    Your principal is guaranteed against market fluctuations and economic downturn
  • Growth  
    Your money enjoys a minimum guaranteed return and will be worth more tomorrow than it is today
  • Security
    Your funds are protected by the full strength of Catholic Financial Life, which has been financially strong since 1868


Single Premium Annuities

Turn your 401(k), IRA roll-over, or other lump sum into a stream of retirement income

With a minimum deposit of $25,000, a single-premium annuity lets you lock-in a competitive rate for up to five years. This annuity can help you turn assets or inherited lump sums of money into retirement income for your lifetime, regardless of how long you live. Current rates.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Withdraw* up to 10 percent of your funds free after the first year
  • No surrender penalties after five years*
  • Available up to age 90


Income Annuities

A Guaranteed Income Stream for Life!

Purchasing an income annuity is like buying a monthly pension check. You pay Catholic Financial Life a lump sum in exchange for a guaranteed income stream. Payments begin immediately, providing steady, reliable income with no market fluctuations to worry about or portfolios to manage.

  • Guaranteed monthly income for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live
  • Continue monthly income payments to your survivor
  • Ask about our annual payment increase option
  • Payment options to fit your individual needs


Flexible Premium Deferred Annuities

Start planning now with flexible deposits

You can start a flexible premium for a little as a $300 initial deposit and make additional deposits over time.1 See Current rates.

Flex 2 Annuity

Flex 6 Annuity

Flex 10 Annuity

Current rates guaranteed
for first two years.2
Current rates guaranteed
for first year.2
Current rates guaranteed
for first year.2
Access your money after 2 years
without penalty. 3
Access your money after 6 years
without penalty. 3
Access your money after 10 years
without penalty. 3
Tax Qualification: Qualified (IRA, Roth, SEP) or non-qualified
Withdraw 10% of funds each year without penalty after the first year.3

Guaranteed credited rate
can be higher for the first two years.
Minimum guaranteed rates
set at issue

Guaranteed credited rate
can be higher for the first year.
Minimum guaranteed rates
set at issue

Guaranteed credited rate
can be higher for the first year.
Minimum guaranteed rates
set at issue

Available up to age 90 Available up to age 90 Available up to age 70

1Subject to limitations. 2Renewal rates may be more or less. The initial guaranteed rate depends on the amount of the annuity balance. Rates will not fluctuate below the minimum guaranteed rate per each annuity contract. The guaranteed minimum interest rate may vary but will never be lower that 1.25% in any year. 3Withdrawing money from a annuity prior to age 59 1/2 may subject the owner to an IRS imposed 10% penalty on the taxable portion of any premature distribution. Consult with a qualified tax advisor.







Products are not available in all states. Catholic Financial Life is not licensed in all states. Nothing contained herein should be construed as solicitation for insurance, financial products or annuity products in any state in which Catholic Financial Life is not licensed. Withdrawing money from an annuity prior to age 59 ½ may subject owner to an IRS imposed 10% penalty on any premature distribution. Please check with a qualified tax advisor for additional information. Prospective members have the right to obtain a copy of the Buyer’s Guide to Annuities and a Preliminary Contract Summary prior to any annuity sale. Flex 10 Annuity Policy Form# ICC10 FDPA-10; 2010 FPDA-10 AR; 2010 FPDA-10 AZ; 2010 FDPA-10 CT; 2010 FPDA-10 IL; 2010 FPDA-10 ND; 2010 FPDA-10 SD. Flex 6 Annuity Policy Form# ICC10 FDPA-6; 2010 FPDA-6 AR; 2010 FPDA-6 AZ; 2010 FDPA-6 CT; 2010 FPDA-6 IL; 2010 FPDA-6 ND; 2010 FPDA-6 SD. Flex 2 Annuity Policy Form# ICC10 FDPA-2; 2010 FPDA-2 AR; 2010 FPDA-2 AZ; 2010 FDPA-2 CT; 2010 FPDA-2 IL; 2010 FPDA-2 ND; 2010 FPDA-2 SD. Single Premium Annuity, Income Annuity Policy Form# ICC-IA001-06-09; IA001-06/09, Single Premium Immediate Annuity Form # ICC10 SPIA.

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Current Interest Rates

Flexible Premium Annuities

Single Premium Annuities

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