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As a Catholic fraternal, our faith is our common bond. It is central to who we are and what we do. So, naturally, we draw upon that faith during good times and during difficult times.

Members First Prayer

Timothy Cardinal Dolan (Catholic Financial Life's former Spiritual Director) created a special prayer as a source of comfort and hope. You can print, save and forward it to friends and family. Prayer of Comfort and Hope (pdf)                           

Prayer Line

To post a prayer intention, complete the Prayer Intention Form. Prayer requests will generally be posted within 48 hours of submission Monday through Friday. Intentions will be prayed for by the seminarians at St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee and during quarterly masses held at the All Saints Chapel in the home office.

Partnership with Apostleship of Prayer

Catholic Financial Life has joined in partnership with the Apostleship of Prayer organization. Intentions submitted to the Prayer Network will be forwarded automatically to them, so millions of people will pray for your intentions each day.

Take a moment to read the prayer intentions of our members and remember them in your prayers.


Prayer Intentions

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Prayer Intentions

Deborah from Milwaukee writes:

Jaylie, who is in the hospital, and is surrounded by family and friends. Please pray for her spiritual healing, and for her family who are going through financial challenges at this time.

D from Fond du Lac writes:

For a family grieving the loss of a baby.

stacey from portland writes:

please pray that I find peace, direction

Kathy from Malone writes:

Request the sale of our home closing date....for Rosie's intentions....for clarity and perseverance.....Connie's healing from cancer.....for successful eye surgeries for Kathleen, Jim, and RoseMarie...Brandon's building project....healthy relationship with ex-wife in regard to his two children. for twins Amalia and Sebastian and their parents and grandparents.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for the family of Scott Swartz, who was killed in a motor vehicle accident last week. May the Lord give his family courage and strength as they cope with their loss, and may they feel the love and support of many friends at this sad time.

Katherine from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers are requested for two individuals, Dr. Matthew Nickels and Fred Weigel.

Susan from Green Bay writes:

My cousin Amanda's cancer is progressing. She is in her 30's with two school-aged children. They have classified her cancer as no longer curable and she is undergoing additional testing to determine how advanced it is. Please pray for a quality of life for her and her family.

ANN from POTOSI writes:

Please pray for my cousin Jane who has just been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Jane is starting chemo. Please pray for healing.

Mary from Essexville writes:

Please pray for a family at church whom we have known for years. She was just diagnosed with kidney cancer and the doctor told her that she has had it for quite some time. Her husband is battling large open sores on his legs. They have a 19 year old son who is trying to deal with both parents being very ill. Thank you.

Mary from Essexville writes:

Please pray for Rita in Bay City, MI who has just been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. The doctors cannot operate.

Joseph from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers for Jeannine in Rhode Island as she awaits the report on her biopsy.

Josephina from Bethlehem writes:

affordable housing

right job

financial help

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For our friend Jean-Paul, who is undergoing treatment for leukemia. May he receive healing and renewed strength from the Lord. And may he and his family be comforted by the thoughts and prayers of many friends.

Jen from Boston writes:

Please god send me and my 3 kids help. My husband is sick and my kids do not know. Please send someone to come live near us to help me with the kids. They need positive attention and so do I. My mom just died a few months ago. Amen.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Judy and Jim's 4-year-old grandson, who is battling cancer and has already undergone three rounds of chemotherapy. May the Lord bless this little boy with a complete cure and full health in the future. And may his brother, his parents, and his grandparents draw strength from the Lord as they battle this illness together as a family.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For the family of Josephine Lange, who passed away peacefully on Tuesday, July 24. May they feel the Lord close beside them during this difficult time. And may Josephine be experiencing all the joys of Heaven.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

From Indiana Rita and Kirk request healing prayers to help them battle cancer.

Josephine from Arizona writes:

I pray for immediate financial breakthrough, increase in pay to

pay all by bills easily and effortlessly and for miraculous

financial breakthrough for major financial increase.

Annointing, blessings and breakthrough. For any generational

curse to be broke. Spells broken off of me and my family. To

bring my son back home with love and joy. Peace and abundance

restored. For jealously of others to be stopped and for joy to

be surrounding me for all my work and accomplishments. I ask this

in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazarath I pray. Pray with me please.

Kate from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray that the doctors are able to treat me to stabilize my lung disease. My disease has stumped many medical doctors but I know I can get better. Pray with me please

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For our friend Mary, in Michigan. Mary is awaiting the results of tests to determine if she has colorectal cancer. Praying that she and her family will feel the Lord close beside them at this time, and that her results will come back clear of cancer.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers are desperately needed for the mother of a 6th grader at our school. What began as a cold last week, turned into a viral infection that spread to her brain. She is now in a coma, diagnosed with meningitis, and is not expected to live.

Tara from Milwaukee writes:

Tara reached out to me to let me know that she had a fire in her home. Construction will begin soon, and she recently lost her husband so this has been very devastating for her. .

Robin from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers for Catholic Financial Life member, Kenneth, from Hawaii. In addition to having health issues, he also recently lost his home and all belongings due to the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii.

Donna from Mahwah writes:

I need a prayer to help me save my home. I am the mother of a special needs child and the bank is days away from selling our home at a sheriffs auction. I run my own business from home because I was unjustly released from my previous job years ago due to poor health issues I had. Since then I've been doing anything I can to try and earn money to save our home. It was built by my grandparents and is the only safe place my child and I have. Without it, we will be out on the street. Please say a prayer for me that this horrible tragedy doesn't happen and I find a way to pay off the bank and save our home in time.

Karen from Denmark writes:

Please prayer for a 2-1/2 year old little boy diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma last week, he has under gone surgery and has started chemo.

Thank you

Paul from Montebello writes:

Al ittle help in prayer for strength, and patience in overcoming my addiction issues

Kathy from Des Moines writes:

Please pray for healing and peace for my 44 year-old brother, Dave L. and his family. He recently was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has begun chemotherapy.

Thank you.

Phyllis from Green Bay, WI writes:

Please keep my great niece, Lauren M. in your prayers. Lauren was thrown from her horse on May 24th. She suffered a pretty serious concussion and has pretty substantial memory loss at this time. Most of her memory from the past year is gone. Doctors are confident that she will regain her memory, however, time will tell. She just finished her sophomore year in college, and we pray that the doctor's diagnosis is right. Thank you and God Bless.

Dorothy from Racine writes:

Please keep my daughter Florence in your prayers. She has been in constant pain for over a year due to a prescription pain medication. We pray every day for God's healing love. She is not an addict, she is a victim of a doctor who didn't tell her what the medication really was. She has tried to find help to get this horrible medication out of her, but everywhere that she has called has rejected her either because of her health issues or they don't accept Medicaid. It has destroyed her health, she suffers from malnutrition, caused severe abdominal and rectal problems, chronic diarrhea and taken away her quality of life. She was a firefighter/paramedic for 20 years and never took drugs and did not drink. She was healthy, active and a joy. Please pray for God to heal her, to help her through this nightmare. Thank you and God bless all of you.

Lindsey from Marina Ca writes:

This Prayer would be for myself Lindsey S. I am 32 years old and believe I have suffered an Undiagnosed heart attack and stroke and my Body is paying the price today because I am still going Undiagnosed by Multiple doctors but I am having severe symptoms the doctors did diagnose me with SVT of my heart placed me on heart medication but will not find the cause of whats causing my SVT, I also have deep pain Bruising stabbing sensations in my head things moving around, Been to sevral doctors and still won't do anything for me,..... I'm pretty much left with Praying now hoping I don't die from this, I stay indoors now, I don't leave my home because whenever I try I get nervous and my SVT starts up again,... Thank you all for you Love and Prayers I never stop praying but it always helps when others do as well, Sincerely Lindsey S.

Ken from Raleigh, NC writes:

Please pray for my 25-year-old daughter. She has a brain tumor and the prognosis is not good. But I know Christ can perform miracles. Please pray for her as she has two small children and a family that loves her tremendously. Please also pray for me (her dad) and others to have the strength and courage to face this struggle.

Elizabeth from West Allis writes:

Please keep Rose Ann K. in your prayers. She’s a petite, 75 years old single lady who lives alone. She fell this past Easter and broke her left hip. In addition to that, she was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer at the hospital. Now in rehab, she has developed an oozing sore on her leg. With the help of the Blessed Trinity and our Holy Mother, please join me in praying for her recovery. Thank you very much.

Sandra from Calgary writes:

Please pray for Sandra N., as she has lost all her possessions of her vehicle, house, business, and clientele .please pray for my children Keny and Netanya that they may excel in their school work.

Jim from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Kelsey and her infant son Asher. They are experiencing awful health complications after Asher's birth. Pray for hope, faith, guidance and comfort as they continue their stays in the hospital. God, we know You are listening. Watch over them both.

Wendy from Franklin writes:

Please include Wendy in your prayers for a quick recovery from brest cancer.

Margaret from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Melissa B., Betty D., Cecelia B., Marggie P., Laurie B., Kelly J., Megan L. and Megan K. Thank you; Also for the living and deceased members of the Arthur O'L. and the Gordon H. families.

Karen from Denmark, WI writes:

Please pray for the L. family whose son was lost in a drowning accident, pray that they can find him and get him and all his family safely back home from Alabama. Also, please pray for my brother Ken who has been diagnosed with Melanoma. Thank you.

Cheryl from SanAntonio writes:

Please pray for my cousin Pat. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.

Remi from Los Angeles writes:

Please pray for my family that we grow deeper in faith and love of God. We also request for job opportunities to serve the Lord and our families.

Kayla from Middleton writes:

Please pray for my husband, Daniel, that he may be matched to the Medical Physics Imaging Residency at Mayo Clinic on March 28th to bring us closer to home and family.

Alfred from Machias, Me writes:

Please pray for Eric M. Please pray for his conversion to true faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul. Pray for his healing spirit, soul, and body Ask God to reveal his love to Eric.He needs God’s healing love to flow through his life. Please pray that he will come to know The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary. He needs The Blessed Mother’s Kindly Motherly love and care…

Elizabeth from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my sister Linda H. and her family. Her middle son Harriso, a15 yr old high school sophomore, who is currently battling severe depression/PTSD and acute anger issues for which he was using marijuana to self-medicate in an attempt to mitigate his pain. He was the victim of his older brother’s (Freddy) anger/anguish who himself was a victim of aggressive school bullying and went through several years of therapy. All the family members are affected by this of course and my poor sister is frantic and beside herself with fear, anxiety, and sadness. She relies on her faith in God our Father to help her through her and her family’s struggles. Again, please keep her and family in your prayers along with me. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For the family of Ben, as they struggle with the tragic loss of this wonderful young man. May the Lord remain close to them, and may Ben find peace and joy forever with the Lord in Heaven.

S from franklin writes:

Thank you in advance for your prayers. My 93-year-old mother passed away on 1/14/18, I am heartbroken. Please pray for her. Today 2/16 is my father's birthday he would have been 99 he passed away 10 years ago, please pray for him too. Please also pray that the nursing home my mother was in when passed away last month find the few things of hers that they misplaced. The items are of little monetary value but are very sentimental. I have been hoping & praying for the past month the things show up. Thank you so much

Lori from Milwaukee writes:

Lori, daughter of Robert and Joyce S. has been diagnosed with Breast and Bone Cancer. Please keep Lori and her family in your prayers. God Bless.

Someone praying for others from Milwaukee writes:

God bless Therese and Henry G. who are going through rough times. Henry was just diagnosed with cancer yet the doctors are not able to treat Henry because of not knowing where and what type of cancer it is. God put your arms around the G. family.

Debbie from Boise writes:

We have been struggling with paying everything we owe. We have been trying to sell our SUV for over six months. We are praying that we find a buyer and will pay the asking price. I also need prayers for my son who will be taking end of semester tests this week. My son still will not turn in his homework and his grades are very bad. Very smart young man.

Barbara from West Bend writes:

Please pray for my brother and sister-in-law. She has many brain tumors and is not expected to live much longer. Please let her passing be peaceful and give my brother the strength to go on

Kim from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my son and his family that he may find a good job in WI and move back to be near the family soon. Keep them all in good health and your care. Amen

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for the family/friends of M.B., one of our Detroit area members who passed away too young after battling cancer.

Louise from Hopkins writes:

For Malia R. and her 3 boys as she recovers from knee surgery. Prayers that the surgery will be successful and she can walk without pain and resume her work to support her family. Also for all her support team during this time.

Tracey from Towson, writes:

I have so many financial obligations that it is hard for me to keep up with. Many of which are due this week. I have asked for financial help from people I know past and present and even people I don't know. I have been praying and continued to do so. I know that God does provide and he makes all things possible. I have been praying for providence, wisdom, strength, peace, and protection, and positivity. So, many people I know and have asked they themselves are going thru financial difficulty either that or they have gotten upset for me asking of them. I do work, but my boss has decreased my hrs to part time and not full time. I just do not know where/what/whom to turn to. I know with God all is possible. I am not losing my faith, just trying/doing all that I can. Please pray that God will provide and show me of who/what to do re: all these financial obligations. My options are depleted. However, even though I don't see of a way I know God knows of a way. I do thank you for your help.

Sally from Milwa writes:

For Mariah, who was severely injured in an accident last Friday, casued by a drunk driver. May she experience a complete recovery from her injuries, and may she feel the Lord beside her, through the love and support of her family and friends.

anthony from coconout creek writes:

please pray for me that i will be blessed with a financial mircale and also blessed with my fiances bernadette hand in marriage

Suzanne from Racine writes:

Suzanne has been cancer free for about 10 years. Recently her cancer has come back, and she is going for treatments.

Please keep Suzanne in your prayers

Colleen from McFarland writes:

Please pray for our daughter-in-law Karen who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She will be undergoing surgery next week, and pray that it is contained.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Frank H., age 84, who has been confined to a rehab facility for two years, for issues related to his Diabetes, and is now in the ICU due to complications. May the Lord bring him healing and strength.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For the Frank and Margarette H. Family. Please keep them in your prayers.

Reyna from Madison writes:

Merciful Lord, we beg that you touch Reyna M. with your Healing Mantle and release her from that terrible disease. For you that nothing is impossible, have pity on her and allow the miracle that she regain her health at this crucial moment of her life.

Melissa from Orlando writes:

Please, I have been searching for a new job new company for years. Will I get a chance? Blessings, Melissa R.

Richard from Bristol, CT writes:

Please pray for Jeffrey who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is now fighting an infection due to another procedure. Pray that Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ will bring healing to him by healing the infection and healing his pancreas and restore him to health

Nicholas from Nakuru,Kenya writes:

Please pray that the loan application process for our housing estate project in Nairobi will be successful. Waiting upon the Lord, Nicholas.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Our thoughts and prayers for all Catholic Financial Life members and their families, and everyone impacted by the unprecedented flooding this past week in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. May they feel our love and support as they deal with the consequences of this disaster.

Elaine from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for the release of anxiety for my family in particular for our daughter and her dear caregiver. I would also like to pray for our country.

Mary from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my dear friend who has just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Mary from Essexville writes:

For Nancy, a friend and very active chapter member. Her husband died without warning in March. Shortly later she needed surgery. She has now been told that there are problems with the previous surgery and she will need another one to correct it. She also needs heart surgery. Both of these are supposed to be done soon. She needs all of our prayers. Please remember her in your prayers.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For the Rutledge Family, as they struggle with many challenges following the recent devastating tornado in northwestern Wisconsin. May the prayers and support of friends and family help them through this difficult time.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Todd's brother, who passed away last week following a courageous battle with cancer. May he enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven. And may Todd and his family feel the Lord close beside them during this difficult time.

Logan from Hartford writes:

Logan is 8 years old and fighting for his life. He has a virus in his heart and is at Children's, ICU on a heart/lung bypass machine. Please pray for Logan and his family.

Rory from Memphis writes:

My prayer request is that I will receive nothing less than every and all good things (salvation/rewards/blessings) from our Creator of heaven and earth that our Creator, out of that which is our Maker's benevolent will, has appointed me to receive (before I was even born) both in this life & the next. Regarding the next life- the primary goal of this prayer- may I be granted and obtain the greatest measure/portion of salvation/reward/blessing in the next life if it's a matter of degrees/levels. Rory M. G.

Sheila from Madison Heights MI writes:

Praying for the healing hands of our Lord Jesus to touch and heal the cancer in my brother-in-laws throat.

Dan from Rochester writes:

I need help through prayer to find a new job that gives the opportunity to support my family in all their needs. I am currently a external wholesaler, offering life and annuity products, but the pay is not enough to do I need to do for my family of seven. Please pray that another door opens for me.

Laurie from Milwaukee writes:

Payers go out to Amber who, after giving birth to her third child Selah, is not able to walk. Please pray for Amber to obtain the strength in her legs to be able to walk again.

God please watch over Amber, keep her strong during those challenging days. I ask this in Jesus' name.

Patty from Hartford writes:

My best friends' 14-year old son Cade did not survive his injuries from the car accident last Friday. Please pray for the family for Strength during this difficult time, especially Cody. May they feel God's loving presence and find some peace in knowing that their beautiful boy is now in God's loving arms. May God Bless the recipients of Cade's organs with long lives, and may they feel the spiritual closeness and deep faith of the family that lost their precious son.

Kim from Hartford writes:

Our friends sons were in a car accident. The older brother Cody is fine, but the younger brother Cadel needs prayers. He is at children's hospital. He had surgery on Friday to relieve the pressure on his head. Please pray for his whole family.

Robert from Greenfield writes:

Robert was recently taken into the hospital for blood clots to his right leg and lungs. Please keep both Robert and Frances in your prayers

Home from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my friend that has 2 children that were in a car accident this morning. It was a serious accident, they are both in the hospital.

Patrick from West Bend writes:

please pray for my bother, Patrick ,who had a sarcoma removed from his thigh early 2016 and found out recently that the cancer has spread to his lungs. We are praying for complete healing.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for our dear friend, DeeDee and her family, especially little Mateo, as he faces the end of his struggle here on earth. May the angels take his hand and lead him to his heavenly home. And may the Lord give strength to Mateo's family, and to all who have loved and cared for him throughout his brief life.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

We pray for the success of Margie's procedure this morning, to learn more about her aneurysm. May she suffer no side effects from the procedure, and may it show that her aneurysm can be eliminated. We pray that she will experience a complete and rapid recovery, and enjoy good health in the future. And may the Lord stay close beside Margie and her family as they take this journey together.


Please pray for continued recovery from cancer for George. For Katherine who has had major surgery with complications, for healing of her lungs. For my sisters family for healing after her sudden death as well as for her siblings.

kimberly webber from hendersonville writes:

I need prayer as I have come under tremendous attack since standing up for Jesus even to the point of losing my family and homelessness. Please pray for Joe my ex-husband as I need him to come back to the Lord- perhaps remarriage depending on what God wants? For my five children as well ages 23 - 7. Dyllin has not accepted Christ so he needs prayer mostly for that... Thank you.

Bethmarie from Franklin writes:

Please pray for Jeannie W. (and their entire family) as she has just lost her husband (Jim) unexpectedly. May the entire family find peace during this very difficult time.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For our friend Helen, who suffered a stroke last Thursday and was taken off of life support on Sunday. Praying that the Lord will remain close beside Helen and her family at this very difficult time.

John from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for our friend and colleague, Jay, who is now entering hospice care and preparing to die. May his attitude, peace and joy continue through his remaining days.

Valeria from Greenfield writes:

Please pray for the Bruckner Miller family to keep them strong in this time of sorrow. They have just lost their son to addiction. He leaves behind a young son, his parents, 4 siblings and lots of family and friends who love him unconditionally. May his organs save many lives and that he may find peace.

Martha Hartung from Elmwood writes:

Please say prayers for my husband, Jerry Joe. He will have a major PTE surgery on February 14th at St Marys Hospital in Rochester, MN

Bob from Luxemburg writes:

Please pray for my wife, Nancy. She has a very weak heart, and hospice is working with us. She is in an assisted living home. We pray that she doesn't have pain. Prayers have always helped her in the past. I was able to take care of her for the past 23 years, until Nov. 8th. We are married 50 years. (Sept. 24, 1966)

Sandra from Dorchester, WI writes:

Please pray for my husband,Jim. He has undergone his second stem cell transplant to combat lymphoma. Although he his making some progress, he still has a long way to go. Also, pray for safe travels as we need to go to Madison (a 3 hr. drive) every week for check- ups. Prayer has helped us along so far. Faith and prayer will get us through!

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For our friends, Paula and David, who recently lost their dear son, Kevin, to cancer. May they feel the Lord close beside them at this very sad time.

Tony from Clarks Summit writes:

My prayer is that God's will is done here as it is in heaven and that He reveal the biblical Jesus to all! You must place your unconditional and complete trust and faith in Him and His atoning sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins and invite Him into your mind and heart as Savior and Lord of your life. His will be done, not mine. Jesus is our example.... He came to serve His Father's will, not His own or to be blessed. Jesus is the Risen King who has saved me, something I could never earn no matter how often I go to church or the sacraments I receive or the amount of good deeds I perform.... All "dirty rags" in God's eyes if done to earn His favor. Isaiah 64:6 These things are done out of gratitude and thanksgiving and worship, and to deepen my intimate personal relationship with my Redeemer and King!

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For our friend, Jim, in Menomonee Falls, who is experiencing ongoing health issues. We pray that he will feel healthier and stronger very soon.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for our dear friend, Dickie, who suffered a massive heart attack today. We pay for his full recovery, and also for his family.

Mae from Athens, GA writes:

For a successful transition to retirement for my husband. Good decision making for our future.

Mary from Essexville writes:

Please pray for Barbara, our friend's mother, who was told this week that she has a VERY short time to live

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for young Richard, "Dick" in central MN. He is dealing with ailing kidneys. Please pray for a return of health to his kidneys or a transplant.

John Borgen from RICHFIELD writes:

For our dear friend, Fred, who suffered a heart attack. We pray for him and his family.

ANN from TENNYSON writes:

Please pray for my brother George who is having cancer surgery Tuesday.

Melissa and Brian from Brookfield writes:

Prayers for our unborn baby who will be born in late March. For safety of Melissa and the baby and for Dominic and Madelyn during the transition time.

Donna from Milwaukee writes:

Healing for my son injured at work and continued faith in the Good Lord as the family job situation deteriorates

Mary from Minneapolis writes:

Please pray for my friend, John, who has been stuck in Africa for the past year. He went there for a job, and now can't get out even after spending over 40K in fees, and many other immigration costs.

Mary from Minneapolis writes:

Please pray for my daughter and her children, whom are going through an ugly divorce, with abusive behaviors from the husband and father.

Sarah from Lakewood writes:

Please pray for our son, Garrett, who has autism and schizophrenia. His cognitive abilities are lower than his chronological age of 17 and we are in despair because we cannot see what occupation would be suitable for him after high school in 18 months. We are worried day and night and cannot see viable options for him. Also, please pray that the health insurance company reimburse us the money we had to pay for the necessary psychiatric residential treatment for Garrett. He was very ill and could not function in the home. The experts determined the residential treatment was necessary, but the insurance said it was not. We incurred significant hardship to pay for necessary treatment that was incredibly effective. But the insurance, despite evidence to the contrary, won't reimburse us. We aren't seeking more than our contract allows, but the financial stress is overwhelming and need prayers to help put us back in a better financial position.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for our dear friend Daniela who is battling cancer. She brings a special light to the world and we hope it shines for many years to come. Please also pray for her family, especially her husband, so that they may find continued joy in their days together.

Tracy from Crystal River writes:

Please pray that I am gifted with the confidence, knowledge, and finances needed to start my own thriving profitable businesses. Thank you.

ANN from TENNYSON writes:

Please pray for Gary our Chapter 42 President who is seriously ill and fighting for his life, We are greatly in need of a miracle. please pray.

giselle lopes from bh writes:

Hi I need prayer against unforgiveness and for me to receive the Holy Spirit fully into my life. I've been feeling depressed and lost. To Jesus restore my relationship with my sister Bruna, asking for her forgiveness and break her silence towards me amen. She just wont talk to me. Please let the Lord open up her lips and talk to me so I can have peace. I need the Lord to break her silence. Everyone deserves a second chance or whats the point of forgiveness? She's making of my life like Hell. She called me names and threw her car at me. She's just angry and that's exactly what the devil wants. Cause he knows she's my only family and wants me to live on my own all my life with no sister and no one. I just can't sleep have no peace in reason of her silence. I don't understand. I feel pain in my heart all the time missing her. I want to see her talking to me so we can work it out as adults. The whole church and the pastors want me to leave the church so it will cover up the sin we both committed.

SUAMA from WINDHOEK writes:

please pray for Adelheid who will be writting exam for grade 10 in 2016, pray for her to open her mind ,guide her during the examination in order to pass this last exam with higher marks,and pray for my husband,our all chldren . thank you

ANN from POTOSI writes:

Please pray for healing for Gary and George and William who are fighting cancer.

Deborah from Milwaukee writes:

Please say a special prayer for a young girl who was just diagnosed with diabetes. Thank you.

Patti from St Peters writes:

Pray for our brother William J. H. that he is resting in peace with our parents Albert and Dorothy and he did not suffer at his last breath. Please have our departed family members watching over us and guiding us

Juli from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my brother Chuck, who's cancer is not getting better as we hoped it would. He is starting on some new cancer treatments and we pray they help shrink his tumors. And for his family, to help relieve the fear they feel.

Maryellen from Waukesha writes:

For Lily Catherine S. She is fighting for her life, though she has progressed significantly, we are still in need of a miracle. We are praying through the intersession of Ven. Fr. Solanus Casey! He has showed up numerous times already. Please join us in praying for Lily.

Maryellen from Waukesha writes:

For Jacob B., who took his life on August 13th. May he be brought up into the Lord's mercy and may his family find hope and peace.

Todd from Fond du Lac writes:

Please pray for my brother, Rick, so that he may receive a heart transplant soon.

Natalie from Mobile writes:

Please pray for guidance and wisdom as my husband and I both seek new ministry positions after a tough transition. May the Lord's will in our lives be done.

Carrie and James from Battle Ground writes:

Pray for our beloved grandsons to be healed from their fear/anxiety/pain after being taken from us and abused by their mentally ill mother. God brought them back to us and we are ever thankful to the Lord and those that prayed. Pray our financials are improved and approved to build a larger home to raise those boys. Pray someone we reached out to to fix an error in our credit report listens so we can get a larger home built. Pray we are on the right path of God's will. Amen

tarisai from vinnitsia ukraine writes:

Pray for me i have tuition fee debt at university due to problems with agents who stole part of my fees. My country has financial problems so its hard to raise fees but i hope God will provide to my parents.

Thank you

Mel from Lafayette writes:

I am requesting prayers, healing and spiritual and mental peace for my elderly dad who has been hospitalized for two weeks with a serious infection.

Tom Swann from Rancho Mirage CA writes:

I am a legally blind Marine Corps veteran living with AIDS. I am in debt due to an emergency and illness. I request your prayers that I will receive some donations from my family and friends and a loan to help me get through this difficult time. I also pray that my spouse will be able to enter rehabilitation soon. I pray that my spouse will have a closer relationship with God.

Thank you very much.

Roy from Waukesha writes:

Please pray for my health and well being. I have medical issues that cause pain everyday. I recently was diagnosed with a bone infection and had to have a toe amputated. I will miss 4 weeks of work. My insurance is a very high deductible and I work for a very small shop so I do not have any short term disability. Very worried about paying for all the medical bills plus everyday expenses. So very tired of getting disconnect notices and being afraid to answer the phone.

Thank you for your prayers. I am grateful.

Yvonne from Fitchburg, MA 01420 writes:

Pray for my relationship with my husband, Robert, which is very strained. He is getting ready for retirement and is very worried about our finances. When he is worried, he becomes very critical and negative but has no insight into what is going on internally and the reason for his mood. Therefore, according to him, I am the reason for his mood. There is nothing that I can do or say to please him. He states that only if I change (to a different personality) can our marriage be improved. I am at a loss as to how to proceed. I am so weary of the arguments and demands that I not say anything critical when everything that I say is viewed as critical. He is so remote from and angry at me. I do not know how to reach him and any attempt to reach him only ends in making things worse. I am so sad and worried! Please pray for him to receive peace and some sense of confidence in our ability to survive the reduction of our income and the strain on our marriage.

Mary from Madison writes:

Desperate need for promised financial miracle for myself and a friend. We need it today.

Thanks for prayers

Leanne from Clay writes:

Please pray for a financial miracle today.

Matthew from Baraboo writes:

I have Chronic Facial Pain since the onset of 10-06-03

Numerous surgical procedures have been completed on a experimental type medically related cure. As of this date All known remedies, trials and invasive procedures have been exhausted. I currently have a Motor Cortex stimulator placed on my brain which has not worked according to design. Medications and positive mental attitude helps keep me alive. I suffer every minute of the day when I am awake. Depression from the endless pain has overcome me and I fight that battle continuously also. I can no longer work so I feel as though my contribution to life and helping others is gone leaving a huge void. I worked 21 yrs as a Loan officer for Agriculture. I provided knowledge and assistance to others whom did not have the ability to help themselves in many many ways.

I do the best I can and am extremely humbled and thankful for all that God has given me. The greatest of which is my wife and 2 daughters. Thanks for your prayers

Betsy from Celina writes:

Please pray for my husband and our children, as he battles alcohol addiction, and for us to be able to pay our bills and debts.

Valeria from Glendale writes:

Please pray for my fiancee and his family; may they find peace in this time of sorrow. May his father's soul rest in piece and not suffer as he did. God bless.

Jim from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Erin who will be taking her exam to become a Registered Nurse this month. Pray for guidance and focus as she enters this important time in her life.

anna from New London writes:

Please pray for Anna and her cancer diagnosis.

Mk from Bc writes:

Please pray for financial blessing asap!

Sharon from Freedom writes:

Please pray for a dear friend, Judy B., who is depressed from facing the challenges of dealing with a rare form of blood cancer, myelofibrosis. She is hoping for a bone marrow transplant and is very sickly right now.

Kristin from Green Bay, WI writes:

Please pray for my dear friend, DaNelle. She was in remission from Lymphoma for a year, and now has just found out she has Leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant to cure it. She has 2 small children that need their mommy.

George from Colchester vt writes:

Pray for the successful replacement of a heart valve on April 26 for a long time friend Edgar S.

Mary from Kansasville writes:

Pray for our college age children, that they may hold on to their faith and become strong disciples of Christ. They are our parishes future.

peter from houston writes:

please include us in your prayers that dennis might find a job

Br. J from Necedah writes:

Please pray for my brother Frank J. B. who has Parkinson's disease.

D from Fond du Lac writes:

Thank you for prayers for Albert. He had the opportunity to say goodbye to his loved ones and has now passed. May he be welcomed by his departed family and friends into God's presence.

Connie from Union Grove writes:

For my friend Dawn, who has been battling breast cancer for 5 1/2 years. She will begin another chemo on Monday, April 4th. Please provide her a miracle, so she may live to see her son graduate high school and college.

D from Fond du Lac writes:

For Albert, who has some brain bleeding. May God's Will be done, with the least amount of pain and suffering for him and for his family.

Linda from Redditch England writes:

Please pray for Jane who has breast cancer for the second time. She has just undergone aggressive chemotherapy. Please heavenly Father that she may be healed.

Sally from Franklin, WI writes:

For Gilbert, Jane Ann, and their family. May the Lord stay close beside them in the coming months, as they face challenges and celebrate milestones in their life together.

Dana from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for me and my children as we continue to keep our heads up and for me to gain employment and help pay bills. To have hope of finding a place to stay stable due to losing our home in a fire and to have transportation for me and my children to be able to continue to stay active in their school and sports activities and for my children to restore their faith that everything will be alright thank you in name of our father.

Green-Aid from Los Angeles writes:

We are currently seeking research grants, and funding sources for our Smart-Tree water technology for humanitarian projects to provide abundance of power, and water for those less fortunate, and water is scarce. Please keep us in your prayers so we can complete our Mission!

Kris from Oshkosh writes:

A CAT scan shows that I have "growths" located near both TMJ joints, which is very rare, so much so that I won't even have my first 'consult' appointment with the only doctor in Wisconsin that deals with it , who's at Froedtert, until July 27th. So prayers to keep me calm, especially with my having no real idea of what I'm even dealing with..........then there's the cost........

overton from milwaukee writes:

Please pray that my new job and starting over at 60 continues to go well and provide support for my family That my wife heals and the anxiety stops and that she reunites with her sister who lives in Madison. she needs her.

LILY from MILWAUKEE writes:

that my husband and I get through these very tough times and I am able to stay strong and healthy. that doctors can take the pain away. And that we find better healing

Deb from Hudson, WI writes:

Please pray for my cousin, Susan. She is going through colon cancer treatment. It was stage 4 and she is in an aggressive chemo treatment. She needs strength to get through the 5 remaining treatments. She is 55 and has a 17 year old daughter. Thank you.

Connie from Cumberland writes:

Please pray for my daughter, Denise, who has been diagnosed with congested heart failure and a very bad liver. She is 52 years old. I pray for a complete recovery for her. She has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Bless you.

Mary from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Helen who is undergoing shoulder replacement surgery. We pray that there are no complications during surgery and for a complete recovery.

Dan from Forked River writes:

Please pray to St. Jude and Our Lord, Jesus for my Father, Robert. He has been recently diagnosed with ALS. Please pray for his healing or hope that it could possibly be something else. We cannot lose our father and he is not ready to leave us yet. He has taught us how to pray, how to talk to Jesus and how to live faithfully in God. He is our rock and we need him in our lives. He has so much more to offer. Please pray for his healing. Please Lord. Also, please pray for my mother , for she is extremely stressed and overwhelmed. She is trying so hard to make my father happy and comfortable right now but she needs help. Let her accept all the help that is offered and give us all strength. Thank You! AMEN!

Marty from Waterford,WI writes:

Pray that my entire family is given the graces during lent to have a much closer relationship with GOD and to make good decisions that will help others and that will help us obtain heaven.

Karen from Greensboro writes:

I have been unemployeed since september and though I have applied for many jobs am not getting called for interviews. In November I lost vision in my right eye and am going through tests to determine cause and treatment. Need to adapt to a low cholesterol/ low carb diet and having trouble..Need to find a job that will pay bills and allow time to visit doctors. and strength to follow new diet and exercise regularly.

Daniel from Fond du Lac writes:

Please pray for my dad, Daniel, who is suffering from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, that he continues to feel Jesus' love and finds peace and hope throughout his journey.


Lord please heal my sister Perlita, she is now in ICU bleeding from unknown cause.PLEASE LORD JESUS I ASKED THIS IN YOUR POWERFUL NAME , TO THEE BE THE GLORY

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Will in Springfield, Mass., who is experiencing multiple health issues, particularly with his heart. May he receive renewed strength and healing from the Lord.

Deborah and Paul from Fern Park, Florida writes:

Deborah had an operation to correct a chronic condition. Our employee health insurance is now saying that she doesn't meet the criteria. We gathered medical records and our praying the decision will be changed. To pay these bills at our age (nearly 60) would bankrupt us. We ask for strength, courage and a paperwork miracle.

Emy from Manila writes:

Please pray for my illness my adhession on my intestines,my endimetriosis cyst,thyroid goiter.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Donna in Ohio, who is battling ALS, and for her husband, John. May they feel the Lord close beside them, and be blessed with strength and hope as they face this challenge together.

Tina from Neosho writes:

Tina is Koltyn Grandmother and we are praying for her is Ashley's good friends grandma thank you for all your help.

Susan from Green Bay writes:

I am asking for prayers for a member's daughter Tammy (who is also my cousin) . Tammy needs a liver transplant ASAP; however, she has an infection and her blood pressure is high and these two need to be addressed before the transplant can occur. Her liver is at a critical stage resulting in her being hospitalized at this point. She is only in her early 20's and has outgrown her first liver transplant. She has lead a good life and treated her other transplanted organ as a gift that it is. Thank you.

Douglas from Milwaukee writes:

Pray for Rivas



George from Colchester vt writes:

Our long time friend Jim gravely I'll with advanced cancer. Prayers for the courage to accept Gods will would be greatly appreciated.

Mike from Norristown writes:

For complete healing of severe sciatica pain in both feet caused by degenerative disc disease, including herniated discs.

Peter from mackay writes:

please pray for my brother and sister in law to reunite in their marriage. Is has been 4 months today and he is finding it hard to carry on. Let them put their problems behind and start anew. Thank you Jesus

ANN from TENNYSON writes:


RONALD PASCAL from DUBAI, U.A.E. writes:

Please pray for my debt outstanding to be cleared and for divine provisions and for financial breakthrough IN JESUS NAME AMEN May God bless each and everyone of you and the prayer warriors who are all lifting up our prayer intentions to God and I am sure when I type here the answer to my prayer is already come. THANK YOU FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS. ALL GLORY TO YOU ALONE ALMIGHTY LIVING GOD WHO DOES MARVELOUS AMAZING MIRACLES IN OUR LIVES.

ANN from TENNYSON writes:


Susan from Green Bay writes:

Please bless my sister for a speedy recovery from her Appendectomy surgery she is having as I write this. I am hopeful it is a standard procedure with no surprises.

diane from rochester writes:

Please pray for my friend to resolve his financial crisis and not lose his home. Pray he is directed by the Lord to proper employment and returns to his faith to direct him in his time of need.Pray also that he will improve his health and reconcile with his daughter.

Greg from Boksburg, South Africa writes:

Please pray for me to get urgent urgent gainful employment and / or a successful business breakthrough so that I can satisfy my legal , financial , social and religious responsibilities. St Jude , Patron of Hopeless Cases, pray for us, Amen. St Joseph , Husband of Mary and Guardian of The Saviour, pray for us.

Jean from Burlington writes:

Please pray for my friend John who is terminally ill. Please pray for peace, comfort and love. Miracles can happen when the intensity of the prayer is great so please also pray for a miracle to happen and return his health. Thank you!

Connie from Artesia writes:

We pray for Financial freedom over credit cards and be united as a couple with our money: to be on the same page with our finances and with our future plans. Please pray for us to stay on track with a new budget and live pleasing to God with our money! Amen!

ANN from TENNYSON writes:


Mechelle from Noblesville writes:

I ask for blessings for employment and to hold this employment. I ask for blessings for financial help, to stop struggling and living pay check to pay check. I ask for the opportunity. Please send pray for financial freedom for me and my family.

Susan from Green Bay writes:

Please pray for my cousin Tammy. She is desperately waiting for a liver transplant and is at the point of being hospitalized.

Laurie from Oak Creek Wi writes:

Marvin is a 50-year member with Catholic Financial Life. Marvin has not been feeling well. Please keep him in your prayers.

Ann from Tennyson writes:

Please pray for George who is fighting cancer.

Ann from Tennyson writes:

Pray for Bill who is having cancer surgery again today 10-5-15

Karen from Clearwater writes:

I would like to save money to buy glass stained windows for our chapel. I would like to own a nice home where I can have friends from church over to help charitable causes. I would like a second career as an advocate for veterans, or as a councilor or chaplain in a VA hospital. I would like to be able to make more income. I am retired and on SSID also. Please pray for me. I am a giver and plan to give more to Roman Catholic Church, God Bless. Karen

Catholic from Milwaukee, WI writes:

Please pray for the two sons of Catholic Financial Life associate Don Delo, as they mourn the loss of their beloved father. With more than 29 years of service at Catholic Financial Life, Don was like family to many and will truly be missed.

Thank you and God bless.

Gregory from North Providence RI writes:

Pray for both my parents and a special intention for my pastor Rev Edward Cardente who shepards 3 parishes; St Anthony, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in North Providence Rhode Island and Saint Edwards church in Providence Rhode Island . Wrong side he oversees the operations of the soup kitchen food pantry the wellness center in now officially opened the Holy Family Home shelter for homeless women and children in Providence. May the Lord,

God watch over him and bless him for all the work that he does for the three parishes. He is truly a blessing to all of us.

Wilfred from collegeville writes:

Steve who has been diagnosed with leukumia.

Maurice from So. Hero, VT 05486 writes:

Pray for Maurice and his surgeons. Pray for both successful surgery and good recovery as Maurice will have both knees replaced on Friday, August 28th. Maurice has been a lifelong member. Do keep him and his family in your prayers.

Kelly from Berea writes:

Please pray for the intercession of St. Gerard for my husband and I to be able to conceive a child. We are having what appears to be some fertility issues despite our 3 (earlier in life) children. Thank you for your prayers. May God's will be done.

Sandy from Saint Louis writes:

Pray for Sandy & her surgeons. Sandy will have spinal fusion surgery on Monday August 17. Sandy is the president of her chapter & has been a lifelong member. Keep her & her family in your prayers.

Barb from Westfield, IN writes:

Please pray for me. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast cancer in February. My recent PET scan showed the Cancer is 90% gone. I am very blessed & grateful! My parish St. Maria Goretti has been praying for me.

Please pray for the Cancer to be gone & never return. I have 4 children. I am 56. Thank you prayer warriors!! xo

Barbara from Campbellsport writes:

Please pray for my husband, Dennis, who had a heart attack on July 4th. He had a stent put in, and then had to go on blood thinner medication because he got a blood clot in his vein.

May God Bless Each and Everyone of You!


Barbara from Campbellsport writes:

Please pray for our youngest daughter, Sherie. She has breast cancer and is under going Chemo, at this time.

They live in Whitefish Bay, and have twin boys who are 7 years old. Thanks!!!

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers for Joyce's husband, Bob, as he recovers from eye surgery and deals with ongoing issues with his eyesight.

c from Milwaukee writes:

Please keep Brianna in your prayers. She was thrown from her vehicle while responding to an Emergency Medical Service page. She went off the road, over-corrected and lost control of the vehicle which rolled over three times. She is in ICU with several serious injuries.

Tara from High Falls writes:

Please pray for me, for my brain, mind, body and spirit to be restored to the way God created them, Please pray for God's love and protection 24/7 and to be free from anything not from God. I so appreciate your prayers. Sincerely, Tara

Therese from Green Bay writes:

Please keep my dad, Harry, who recently had a stroke in your prayers. He is home now recovering. He still gets to mass three times a week.😇 Thank you and God bless.

Pradeep from Bangalore writes:

I am in deep financial trouble, my commitment is 5 times my salary. I am clueless to solve my financial problem. I beg for prayer to overcome this months financial need and also the loan which I must clear.

therese from ventura writes:

Please pray that my reproductive health issues are resolved, and for my finances to improve so my brother and his family do not have to move in with me. It is so important to me. I am so very, very super sad. Please pray for me.

Florence from Uganda writes:

I would like to request prayers for my finances.I want to put put up a small house for my mom.

ana from Uganda writes:

Please pray that our orphans get the money needed to complete their education. Thanks to all who pray for us.

daisy from home writes:

Please pray for Todd to be delivered from the addictions of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and overeating; and for the Holy Spirit to give him a heart for God and the spirit of self-control and for him to learn to trust and put God first in his life. Thank you for your prayers

Frank from Pakistan writes:

Please remember me, my family and our school "Young Scholars Model School" Faisalabad-Pakistan in your fervent prayers.

Ann from Tennyson writes:

For my brother-in-law Bill, who is having cancer surgery 6-22-15, please pray for his recovery.

roger & Annette from STILLWATER writes:

For the sale of our home, so we can move to a senior living home.

roger from STILLWATER writes:

For the sale of our home so we can move to a senior living home.

Elizabeth from Eugene, OR writes:

For Alexander, my father, who is going to have surgery despite a condition that makes those procedures dangerous.

Ann from Tennyson writes:

For my brother George for comfort and healing from the side effects of radiation therapy for throat cancer.

Judy from Carver writes:

Please pray for an honest practicing Catholic financial advisor to help my husband and I. We do not have a lot, but what we have blessed with needs

to dealt with by honest Catholic professionals.

George from Tennyson writes:

For George, who has cancer of the throat, taking radiation treatments now.

Gary from Tennyson writes:

For Gary, who is having surgery Tuesday for recurring cancer.

Tom from Essexville writes:

For Bill and Annette, husband & wife, both of whom are fighting cancer. Please pray for them.

Mary from Essexville writes:

For Vi who lives in Bay City and is having serious medical problems. Please pray that her doctors will be able to help her and that she will recover.

Carol from Antioch writes:

For Amanda who lives in Kenosha. She is 13, and very ill with ovarian cancer. She needs all your prayers to make a difference

jacquelyn from Philadelphia writes:

Please pray for my cousin Andrew who is seriously ill with a rare heart problem. Please let him get well and go back home to his family

Connie from Orland Park writes:

Please say a prayer that St. Patrick's Parish in Stephensville, Wisconsin will have a change of heart and not host the event "Pig wrestling" in which pigs are horribly mistreated and slaughtered. Thank you!

Ranae from Turtle Lake writes:

Please remember my brother Tellis who passed away on March 7th. Please pray for peace and comfort for his wife, children and loved ones left behind who mourn such a loss.

Mary from Essexville writes:

Please remember Yolanda in your prayers. She is the mother of three boys and suddenly had a stroke on Sunday.

darrick from Milwaukee writes:

Thank you Jesus, for allowing all to come together. I ask for prayer for me and my family to be together at this difficult time.

Mary from Essexville writes:

Please remember Michael Wagner, my brother-in-law who died yesterday.

Mary from Essexville writes:

For my brother in law, Michael who is dying, and his family. The doctors say that they can do nothing for his various problems that are very probably caused by exposure to Agent Orange while in the service.

Sally from Franklin writes:

For my nephew's new baby girl, Kelly Ann. That her health issues will prove not to be serious, and that she will get well very soon.

kathy from Elkhart Lake writes:

For the safe delivery of Amy's baby,

Alexa and Brad's baby,

The T.'s baby,

John's successful tongue cancer treatment

Monica's husband Steve healing and treatments for cancer

For Brandon and Brandy's strengthening of their marriage instead of a divorce, that they grow closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Safe service for my son in Cuba.

In thanksgiving for parents turning 94 this year and marriage for 72 years!

Thanksgiving for Joe's job and ability to drive!

For Amy blessings and healing.

Kenneth from Indonesia writes:

I would like to request prayers for me to get a good job quickly since I have been unemployed for about 8 months. The company where I am really expecting to work has been delaying the confirmation indefinitely for months.

Thanks and God bless,

- Kenneth

michael from Mequon writes:

I would like to ask people to join me in prayer for all the people on this prayer network that have asked for prayers. Thank you, and God bless you all!

Deborah from NASHOTAH writes:

Please pray for my family to unite. Especially my daughter, Rachel, to forgive and come back to us. Please bless and protect all my grandchildren in such a trying world.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Carol, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. May the Lord give her strength, and bless her with the return of good health.

michael from mequon writes:

Please can someone guide me, and pray for me for a desperate financial situation that has to be resolved by the 28 of April. BMO wants me to find a way to pay off my home equity loan before that day. There is a lot more to this, but the bottom line is they want their money, and I have been unemployed for a while and have a lot of heavy family burdens. Thank you all for your prayers.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Arlene and Bob in Iowa, who are both experiencing health issues. May the Lord keep them in His care and bless them with the strength to meet their daily challenges.

Mary from Ladysmith writes:

Good health, healing for all that is making me sick, and also for my brother John's health who is sick.

Pauline from Wausau writes:

For Bob who is battling stage 4 lung cancer.

Julie from West Bend writes:

Please keep my sister-in-law Marge in your prayers as she recovers from surgery on back.

Julie from West Bend writes:

I would ask that you keep me in your prayers as I begin my battle with lung cancer. All prayers are greatly appreciated.

Teresa from Wabeno writes:

For friend Shirlee who underwent surgery yesterday, for her successful outcome and speedy recovery.

Jean from Sherrill writes:

That our daughter will find a job. She and 200 others were let go from IBM. May she and the others find employment quickly

Susan from Green Bay writes:

Please pray for my friend Nancy with advanced ovarian cancer. She needs strength in order to get her 2nd chemotherapy treatment. This treatment will open the door for her to try a new treatment option that the FDA approved in December. BUT she has to get her white cell count in order to be able to get the chemotherapy and then get the new treatment. I pray to God she can make it through this journey.

Nikki from Mechanucsburg writes:

Please give my mother financial peace. She is the most selfless, wonderful, caring, nurturing person, and deserves nothing but happiness and peace

Marion from lake Geneva wi 53147 writes:

For a sick brother, to give him the strength to accept and have faith in whatever God decides to do at this point. For myself, to help with the pain in my knees.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Mary Alice in Missouri, who lost her dear husband, Bob, earlier this month. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and the entire Thater family.

Karen from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers for a beautiful 20 year old girl who is battling ovarian cancer.

May God give her and her family the courage, strength and faith that is needed to overcome this challenge.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Our deepest sympathies to the Doro family, as they deal with the tragic loss of Andrew and Derek. May the Lord give them strength and courage. And may they be upheld by the love of their family and friends at this very sad time.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Our thoughts and prayers for the Tushaus family. May they feel the Lord near to them as they mourn the sudden loss of wife, mother, and grandmother, Pat.

Mary from Essexville writes:

For Amir and his family. He was born in the US and was a Marine. In 2011, he obtained permission to visit his grandmothers in Iran. While there he was accused of being a spy and arrested. This year his father (in Michigan) was diagnosed with brain cancer and now has had a stroke. May Amir be released safely back to the US, and may the entire family find the courage and strength they need.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Roger in New England, who has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. May he and his family be blessed with courage and strength in the coming months, and feel the presence of the Lord close beside them.

Bhet from Singapore writes:

Please pray for my nephew to be able to get a job soon so that he can meet his pressing debt obligations and support his mother. He has been jobless for two over years. He has had many job interviews and none have been successful. Lord Jesus I pray that you help him get a job soon, forgive his past sins, have mercy, and hasten your help. Thank you in advance.

Julie from Fargo writes:

Prayers for my oldest sister who is dealing with cancer. May she be blessed with good days ahead. If God leads you to it, he leads you through it.

May everyone around her be touched by the blessings and love she bestows on her family.

ROBERT from JAMISON, PA writes:

My family continues to struggle to make ends meet. I am on disability due to severe eye problems. My wife lost her job some time ago and is still trying to find work. We need a miracle on two fronts; one is our health, and the other is a financial breakthrough. Please pray with us and for us that GOD will see us through this difficult time, and blesses us that we in turn can bless and help others. AMEN

Diane from Western Wisconsin writes:

My daughter has chosen drugs over her own child. As a result, we are raising her infant. Please pray that Ashley will be surrounded by angels that will drive away her addiction and bad behaviors. Pray that her baby and our family will continue to be protected from the people Ashley and the baby's father associate with.

graham from London UK writes:

Please please pray for me and James. We are homeless and in a lot of debt. We are desperate, scared and extremely tired and cannot cope. We are in a room we cannot afford to pay for in the morning . We need a miracle.

Chris from Atlanta writes:

I've been sick for 3yrs with a bacterial infection and was accidentally prescribed medication to which I had a toxic reaction, giving me the most horrific constant mental and physical side effects every day for over a month. The doctors say it could last as long as six months. God have mercy on me, and end this torture!

Ivonne from St. Peters writes:

I have had open heart surgery. I am now dealing with understanding who I am and taking the medications necessary to balance my moods. I am presently dealing with a cough that causes angina. Please pray it subsides and I can get well enough to be there for my family this Thanksgiving.

Carlton from Aurora writes:

My wife and I have recently moved from the USA to Canada with the intention of moving in with my daughter, her three children, and a friend. Our daughter has been divorced for over six years and has been the sole financial provider for her family. My wife and I have also got to the point where we are also struggling. I have earnings, but not enough to solve the whole problem so we planned to join with our daughter and combine our resources. However we have found there other problems - my wife has become ill and we don't have Canadian health insurance. Our prayer request is for financial and health improvement. We also would like to affirm all the times that God has answered our prayers in the past and recently. We give thanks and we ask for prayers that we will manage through these difficult times.

Louise from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers and good thoughts for my 80-year-old father who was just diagnosed with Stage 3b lung cancer from 2nd hand smoke. A dedicated teacher for 40+ years; 2nd hand smoke from the teachers lounge.

Cheryl from San Antonio writes:

I would like to pray for my sister-in-law Karen who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Alfred from ELPaso, TX. writes:

Pray for the soul of our son.

Jolene from Fargo writes:

Prayers for my sister for strength while dealing with cancer. May she gain strength spiritually, emotionally and physically to enjoy life's moments as only happy times with FAMILY & FRIENDS during the days ahead.

Tashite from Ethiopia writes:

I am from Ethiopia. I need your prayers for a financially breakthrough. I have no father to help me. My mother is old and poor. I am from an extremely poor background. I beg you respectfully ask in the name of Jesus Christ. I am being defeated by many problems. The pain is too great. Please do something. God Bless.

Jeff from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers for healing and strength for our friend Judy and her family as she goes through cancer treatment.

Mary from Milwaukee writes:

For Mary Eileen whose cancer has come back. May our Lord watch over her during this difficult time.

Rena from Belgaum India writes:

Lord Jesus, you are a loving and forgiving God. We are facing difficult problems. My family and me need your help to overcome our financial crisis. Help us to come out of debts. Dearest Lord, please pray that we get financial blessings as we are in a desperate situation.

John from Richfield writes:

Through the intercessions of Saints John Paul II and Luke, please pray for the healing of a dear friend, Fr. Luke, who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

John from Richfield writes:

Through the intercessions of Mary our mother and Saint Peregrine, please join me in praying for the healing of my mother, Mary, who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

Therese from Whiting writes:

I pray for financial stability for myself and for all of the faithful who are unemployed and underemployed. And I ask for the grace of a joyful spirit as I once again face these issues. I pray that all will find work that glorifies God, using the talents with which they were uniquely gifted.

Please grant that financial stress subsides, and does not become more prominent in life than is spiritually healthy.

I pray that the Lord reign over our lives and bless all of His faithful, who have such needs, with financial relief and abundance, still keeping them warmly bound in His Love, because I know there is nothing beyond his power.

And I pray for the health of those who are suffering with cancer, Alzheimer's, chronic disease and pain; and for the reversion of all of our children who have left their faith behind; and for the safety of Pope Francis.


Espie from Quezon City writes:

Lord,you are a loving and forgiving God. We are facing difficult problems. My husband Miguel and I need your help to overcome our financial crisis. Help us to out of debt. Dearest Lord. Please pray that we get financial blessings as we are in a desperate situation. His business needs to pick up so that he will be able to manage our finances. He can't seem to manage his debts and they are increasing by the day. Please send us your financial blessings, dear Lord. Thank you so much for everything! Lord, I know that there is nothing impossible with You. I trust in You. Amen.

Philemon from Gossaigaon, Guwahati (Assam) writes:

Please pray for me so that I may recover from the financial crisis I am facing since 2005. I am not able to upgrade my business. I am always failure in my business.

Please pray for me.

Gerarda from Indonesia writes:

Please pray for a financial blessing for me. I can not pay my bills anymore because of the financial crisis.

swapan from Tezpur writes:

Please pray for me as I have been heavily in debt for a long time. Thank you.

Sally from Franklin writes:

For Helen-Anne's complete recovery from her health issues. May the Lord bless her with the return of good health very soon. And may her family feel the Lord beside them, as they stand beside her at this difficult time.

trudy from chicago writes:

Please pray that we don't lose our home, pray for the health of our family and friends and that my eyes get better. I need prayers to handle my problems and stress.

D. from Aurora writes:

Heavenly Father, guide us in our new business venture. We know it is a gift from you. Help us to prosper so that we may help our families and others.

Bless Gene through his surgeries and daughter in search of a rewarding career. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Deborah from New Berlin writes:

Please pray for my friend Nicole who recently lost her job. She was a wonderful caregiver to a special child in of need of her expertise and care.

Mary from Essexville writes:

Please pray for my son who is still suffering from a closed head injury. Also please pray for my sister-in-law, Sally, who is having heart surgery soon.

Mary from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Bob who was recently diagnosed with cancer. May our Lord watch over Bob during his care and treatment.

michael from mequon writes:

Lord, I pray that you help and comfort all that are on this prayer network as only you can do, if you wish. Let all touch the hem of your garment and let your grace flow through them. I ask this through your holy name.

And lord, help me with my intentions in my heart, as Peter was sinking, lord save me!

God bless all who read these intentions, and pray for them.

Thank you all!

michael from mequon writes:

For financial stability. I believe that I have followed the Lord's direction in my life, and in respects to my families lives that I am responsible for. My financial life is falling apart quickly, and I am having troubles to live on the bare minimum. Lord guide me and send me your help, quickly. Despair is running rampant. I am afraid for my health. Things are failing fast.

Thank you and God bless all who pray for me and my family in this horrible time.

Juli from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my brother Chuck, who is recovering from a difficult surgery. He is going to be undergoing chemo treatments for colon cancer and stomach cancer. He hasn't been able to work in quite awhile. We pray for courage as he faces this new battle.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Dennis from Mount Horeb, who is battling cancer for the third time. As he undergoes treatment, may he be blessed with courage and a strong faith in the healing power of the Lord.

Deacon Bryan from Marathon writes:

Pray for the return to health of Andy.

John from Port Washington writes:

Please pray for my son and I. We are losing our apartment. I have lost my job and am out of money. Pray that I get a good job again soon, and that he finds a job and an apartment and a way for both of us to get out of this financial nightmare that is in front of us.

Colleen from McFarland, WI writes:

For our son who is searching for a job. We pray that the right offer will soon be received and the stress will be relieved from him and his family.

KL from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for a very sweet young girl with down syndrome who is now battling a very serious cancer.

Jeff from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers for my brother Jon who will be having a bone marrow stem cell transplant this month.

Mary from Essexville writes:

Please pray for my family. Two are having surgery this month and the other is waiting for a specialist to determine treatment.

Thank you.

Earlier this year I asked for prayers for my granddaughter. Everything turned out very much better than we even hoped for. THANK YOU for your prayers.

Jeffrey from Muskego writes:

Lord, please help my husband find a new job that allows him to flourish and take care of his family.

Karen from Milwaukee writes:

Special prayers for Danielle and her family at this very difficult time.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Loving Father, we entrust Katie to your care this day; guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name, and grant that every cause of illness be removed, that she may be restored to soundness of health and learn to live in more perfect harmony with you and with those around her. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Amy from Reno writes:

Please Dear Lord, See that my dear father, with all his many ailments, at least maintain his sight which is quickly bring stripped of him. Lord hear my prayer, for it is as important and altruistic as one can be. In the name of The Lord I ask this. In the name of he Father, the Spirit and The Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. I ask this on behalf of the entire Powell family who loves and cares and still needs the guidance of our paternal figure. Amen.

Tim from River Falls, Wis. writes:

Please pray for my sister Susan, who returned from NYC for her daughters graduation and came in contact with severe case of viral meningitis. We are praying for full recovery.

michael from River Falls, Wis. writes:

Please pray for my sister Susan, who returned from NYC for her daughters graduation and came in contact with severe case of viral meningitis. We are praying for full recovery.

sandy from metairie writes:

Please Father, I need prayers that my work situation will get better. I am so stressed at work and sick with worry that I will lose my job. I know the road is not always easy but with your help I will be ok. I need you beside me to get me through this.

Mary from Farmington writes:

My sister, Mary, was diagnosed with Stage 4 gallbladder cancer on May 7th, 2014. Please keep her in your prayers.

John from Wausau writes:

Our daughter has been divorced now for 6 years and as always the case is hardest on the children. Her children are all teenagers but it is impacting her 15-year-old daughter the most recently. Our beautiful 15-year-old granddaughter, is bright and tremendously gifted in many ways --but having great troubles. She has been “cutting” and had a severe episode with that just a month ago. This morning, our daughter (guided by the Holy Spirit) found a suicide note in her bedroom shortly after she left for school with her older brother. Our daughter called her and “thanks be to God” she answered. Our daughter told her that she needed to go to one of her counselors or teachers. She did and they took her in to our local mental health facility for evaluation. She admitted that she might harm herself so they have taken her to a specialized health care facility for further evaluation and help. Please include our grand-daughter and our daughter's family in your prayers and ask others to pray.

ellen from Madison writes:

Please pray that my son finds his way in life. He is at a serious crossroads now. Amen.

Louis from Tobyhanna PA writes:

Dear God,

Please answer all those intentions and I have read here today. Please grant me my special intention. Although it is said that being poor makes you closer to God. I'd sure like to know what it feels like to not be poor. Worrying about things like getting the car to run, and the general happiness of my family. Sure makes for a lot of tension at home.

In St. Padre Pio's sacred name I pray.

In St. John Paul II's sacred name I pray.

Amen Amen Amen.

Louis from Tobyhanna writes:

My dear brothers and sisters,

Please pray that I may get a return call from my job interview. My prayer is that financial stability return to my house, and along with it happiness.

In Padre Pio's sacred name I pray, and John Paul II's sacred name I pray.


Erica from West Bend writes:

Please pray for Jackson, a young boy working through a virus and now seizures at Children's Hospital. Please pray for Jackson's return to good health and watch over him and his Mom, Dad and brothers giving them strength and courage.

Mary from New Holsten writes:

Please pray for the Harper/White family, that they may find peaceful resolution, forgiveness, and reconciliation during this time of grief and conflict. I pray: "Thy will be done". May God's will be accepted and respected. Amen.

Mary from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Sam, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. May God watch over Sam and his family during this trying time.

Colleen from Berlin writes:

Dear Lord, please watch over both my sons, as one graduates from college, that he find a job he enjoys and prospers at; and the other, as he enters college, that you guide him and watch over him to make good decisions and not be influenced by wrong doing.

I ask this in your precious name, Jesus. Amen

Jeanne from Franklin writes:

Please God...that all our deceased loved ones will have their most wonderful Easter with our risen Lord. May He comfort those families in their recent loss with His abiding "Peace", and Our Blessed Mother's tender loving care in a special way at this Holy Season!

Let us pray to the Lord !

Susan from Green Bay writes:

Please pray for Paul in Milwaukee as he undergoes chemotherapy and radiation for back and liver cancer.

Larry from Dubuque writes:

Please pray for our son Kevin,that business picks up so he can make enough to cover his bills. Thank you.

Thomas from Henderson,Nevada writes:

For the repose of the soul of Georgann Marie Sanders

Elizabeth from Englewood, Fl writes:

Prayers for strength to overcome grief suffered after the loss of my spouse, and the strength to continue with my life.

Gregory from Big Bend writes:

I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery. The next phase is chemotherapy. I need prayers for a complete recovery for myself and blessings to help my family.

Jerry from Luxemburg writes:

Please pray for my brother, who has been battling pancreatic cancer for 5 years, to not give up the fight. God Bless everyone fighting all illness problems and may He bring comfort and peace to them and their families. Be thankful for the blessings that God has granted and always remember that God is at your side during troubling times and you are never alone.

Jean from Burlington writes:

Please pray for Shawn who was in an accident last week.

Jillian from Fitchburg writes:

Please pray for my husband Henry. He has been sick and has stomach pain but the doctors don't know why. Pray for a diagnosis and relief.

Kris from Wauwatosa, WI writes:

Please pray for Julia, the mother of 4 siblings, as she goes thru life deteriorating in dementia until the good Lord takes her home.

Nancy from Campbellsport writes:

Please pray for my daughter, Lori, who has severe anxiety.

John from Ohio writes:

Please pray for my daughter that she may find the guidance she seeks in her discernment. Please pray that she finds a the means to pay off her college debt and clear the path to religious life if this is God's will.

Kim from Waterford writes:

Please pray for Mike as he battles cancer with chemo and surgery in a few weeks. Bless his wife and family with courage, strength and hope.

Shallae from Cheyenne writes:

Please pray for me and my family. Thank you!

Beno from Karagwe- Tanzania writes:

Please join me in your prayer for a source of income as I was terminated from work. Dear God look after my two daughters, Parveen and Vanessa, that I will be able to pay their school fees. Please pray for my entire family and all people in need.

Mary from Mount Calvary writes:

Please pray for our children to return to the Sacraments; for our son that his second marriage will be placed, as he has joined another church. I am very concerned for him and his daughters.

Thank you

Anita from St. Louis, MO writes:

Please keep me in your prayers. I am having surgery on Tuesday, February 18. Thank you for all your prayers

Anita, Chapter 1038

June from Surgeon Bay writes:

Please keep Betty Rozek from Chapter 180 Maplewood in your prayers for a speedy recovery after surgery. Also pray for her family and caregivers. With God in their hearts, it will make this journey easier.

Kenn from Sheboygan writes:

Please offer prayers for our grandson, Collin. He is a special child of 5 years old and still does not talk or even know the necessary life skills to live. Thank you to everyone for praying for him.

Jeanne from Franklin writes:

Please offer prayers of thanksgiving for all hospices, especially places like Aurora VNA Zilber Family Hospice! Where dignity, and compassion bring peace to patient and families going through the "natural" dying process. God bless all the people involved, professionals and volunteers! YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Deborah from New Berlin writes:

Please keep all refugees in your prayers for a better way of life and better living conditions during these cold winter days. May their landlord have more compassion in keeping their property like it is their own home with the same standard of living.

Deborah from New Berlin writes:

Please keep Joe and Rita in your daily prayers. Joe is being treated with chemo again, and Rita has hip pain and is contemplating hip replacement.

Corinne from West Bend writes:

Dot asks to please keep Ray, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, in your prayers.

MARYROSE from Nigeria writes:

Please pray for my academic life that I will be able to go to school.

Deborah from Oak Creek writes:

Please keep David in your prayers. He is going through many health issues, and he needs your support for himself and his family and girlfriend, Bonnie.

Francis from Nairobi writes:

Please pray that I will find additional income to clear my crippling debt. Please pray for me.

Deborah from South Milwaukee writes:

Please keep Barbara in your prayers. She just returned home from a long rehabilitation from back surgery.

Danie from Milaukee writes:

Daniel is going in for triple bypass surgery next week Tuesday. Please include him in your prayers for a safe procedure and quick recovery.

Cullen from Circle Pines writes:

Please pray for God's will to be done above all else, and for peace and clarity of discernment of the relationship of Theresa and Cullen, that they may get married and become saints by their love. Glory to Jesus Christ!

silvu from INDIA writes:

Please pray for my family’s peace as we are undergoing a tough financial crisis and are unable to pay our debts.

Ranae from Turtle Lake writes:

For my brother Tellis who is fighting serious cancer in several parts of his body. We pray that Jesus will to heal him physically and let him remain with us for a few more years. We ask that Jesus guide and comfort him and his family, and walk each step with them --giving them the peace and strength they need to endure this battle.

Betsy from Ohio writes:

Please pray that our family will be able to find good work and income to get caught up on all our debts.

Therese from Whiting writes:

I pray for all of the intentions that I've read here - for health, for financial security - for intervention in each life and each problem - and I ask God to bless us all so that we are warmed by the Love of the Infant Jesus - each of us in a way that will bring us to the safety of His arms in a world that is unsafe and unsure.

Shawn from Urbana,il writes:

For my brother who is looking for a job, and for me as I try to get my finances in order.

Rachel from New Berlin writes:

Please pray for my niece Bernadette who is bravely fighting a rare heart condition. Pray for the doctors and nurses who care for her.

For my sister and brother-in-law that they find the strength to care for Bernadette and her eight siblings.

jan from superior, wi writes:

I am praying for family unity for my nieces & nephews who have just suffered two losses within weeks--their father and a young sister. Healing is greatly needed at this time.

God Bless them all.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Deb and her family, especially for her daughter Jessica. May they be blessed with hope and strength from the Lord, and feel His presence beside them during this very trying time.

Karen from Milwaukee writes:

For hope and strength for Cathy and her family as she battles a critical illness.

Ann from MIlwaukee writes:

Watch over Ann in her time of suffering.

Jeanne from Franklin writes:

Please pray for my sister Roberta, and her wonderful family as she struggles to regain her strength from brain cancer surgery and chemo/radiation treatments over the past 10 weeks. We all pray for our family's acceptance of God's will, and God Speed to His timetable! Let's pray on Thanksgiving Day for all forms of healing in our lives.

Dot from West Bend writes:

Please pray for Ted and his family as he is battling health issues.

Dot from West Bend writes:

Please keep Kenneth in your prayers as he is suffering from cancer.

Deborah from Oak Creek writes:

Please keep Kenneth in your prayers as he is suffering from cancer.

Deborah from Oak Creek writes:

Please include both Douglas and Shirley in your prayers for their health.

Patti from St Peter writes:

Please help William H. find employment as soon as possible--

so his life will turn around for the better which he needs and deserves.

Please pray for a miracle to enter into his life.

Thank You

Kenneth Green's Mother from Appleton writes:

Having medical issues and surgery.

Kathryn from Kewaunee writes:

Having major back surgery on Friday. Pray all goes well!

Kris from Oshkosh, WI writes:

I've found after a lot of research that a psychiatric service dog could be exceptionally helpful to me and a supportive presence to me in my struggles with my mental illness. Please pray for an answer soon...blessings, Kris

Judy from Wausau writes:

For our son-in-law, Jim, that his 3 days of cancer scans this week will come back fine. He has been fighting cancer for almost 8 years now. They have much debt due to his illness. With 2 small boys, one of which has now been diagnosed with diabetes, and our daughter who is also diabetic, they have lots of bills. They do not qualify for any assistance as they "make too much money". Both are employed, but the money just does not stretch to pay all their bills. They live with JIm's parents, which is not the best situation with the children. Any prayers for them would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you.

Karen from Denmark writes:

Please pray for Lisa, a 45-year old mom of 3, who is having open heart surgery next week. Please pray that the surgery goes well and is successful, and that she has a speedy and complete recovery without complications.

Shannonlee from Minneapolis writes:

Our Lady and St.Francis de Sales have blessed me with Emily, my nine-year-old charge. We have been together since she was four. Emily has Downs Syndrome. One of her greatest joys is weekly religion classes at St. Joseph's in Rosemount, Minn. When we drive to class, she squeal's "church!" as soon as she sees the steeple. The doctors found a tumor in the center of Emily's brain they are unable to operate. Please pray for a miracle.

Cindy from Muskego writes:

Please pray for my daughter who has stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer, and also for my dear lady friend who has cancer spreading throughout her body. Also please pray for my son's father-in-law who has also pancreatic and liver cancer. Thank you so much.

Sheila from Appleton writes:

Health and blessings for Sheila who just had a heart attack. Thank you for the prayers.

Wade & Laura from La Crosse writes:

We ask for your thoughts and prayers as we embark on our adoption journey.

Thank you....

God Bless

Karen from Denmark writes:

Please pray for a 61-year old woman facing a hysterectomy soon. Please pray that the surgery goes smoothly and successfully, and that she will have a speedy recovery free of complications.

Paul from Slaughter writes:

Lord God I am in need of your financial blessing. I'm a single father, working three jobs, and raising my two kids while I am trying to make ends meet. Please Lord Jesus help me to to pay off my debt to help my family. In Jesus name I pray AMEN!! Please pray for us. Thanks

Geri from Noblesville writes:

Please pray for my husband who has stage 4 cancer to have quality of life and to be able to fulfill God's desires during the time he has left with us.

Marilyn from Cross Plains writes:

As school begins another year, I drive children to school and back home on my school Bus. Please pray for me.

Allison from RAYNHAM writes:

Prayers for new App project I am launching with Little i Apps - we still need funding. In a time when people aren't going to Mass yet are always on their phones, this seemed the best way to share God's message. I believe in the power of prayer, especially if this is in God's Will. I just keep trusting, praying and looking for any way God provides to share this project and ask for Prayers!! Thank you and God bless!!

Diane from Huntington Beach writes:

Back in 2009 I quit my job and moved to Sun City to assist my elderly parents when my father had a stroke. He has since passed away. My efforts to get my foot back into the workforce have all been in vain. I am over 60 years old and not bilingual. I have prayed and prayed for gainful employment. Please everyone I need your prayers.

Randy from Fairmont MN writes:

I recently had my right eye removed due to cancer. I pray that the cancer is contained and that I will continue my deeper relationship with God. I am blessed to see with one eye the glory that is Jesus. God bless everyone battling disease and illness.

Christopher from Cleveland writes:

Help my brother find employment very soon.

Robin from Greenfield writes:

Please pray for two of our associates who have had their cancer return. May our Lord watch over them and give them peace during this trying time for them and their families.

Toni from Green Bay, WI writes:

Praying for three special people- My mom will have a biopsy on Tues., 7/30, my sister-in-law will have breast cancer surgery on Wed., 7/31 and a dear friend -just retired- will have brain cancer surgery and/or treatment starting this week as well. May they all be blessed by the healing touch of the Lord - and helped by their good doctors!

Thank you for adding your thoughts and prayers to mine.

Barb from Ames writes:

For David to find a job--in thanks for all blessings. For good health for all our family--spiritual & physical.

Evelyn from New York writes:

I humbly ask for prayers for my husband to maintain his health and to find employment so that we may continue to provide our daughter with a Catholic education and be able to meet our financial obligations. We also pray for all of those in the same circunstances, that they find employment and be aided in their situation. Heavenly father we pray that all the prayers of the faithful be answered. Please help us. Oh Lord, we give thanks for your prayers and the mercies that you have granted us thus far.

Roberto from Glendale writes:

That I may find gainful employment so that I may continue to care for my family and keep my daughter Caroline on the path of a Catholic education.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Diane in Indiana, who will soon be undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor. May her surgery be successful, and may she be blessed with a complete recovery and good health in the future.

Edward from minneapolis writes:

I ask for the blessing of a better job and to bless my four kids.

William from Greendale writes:

Please pray for William who has lost his way in life. Please bring him home to his family who are searching for him, and who love him dearly.

Lee from Milwaukee writes:

Generous and gracious Lord,

Thank you for the many blessings you have given us.

Please be a source of strength, hope and comfort to our good friends and colleagues Terry and Colleen who are facing personal challenges.

Denise from Appleton writes:

Our family prays for our brother Keith. Dear Lord, please reunite my brother Keith and his wife Brenda, and bring the family/marriage together as you created.

Mary from Essexville, MI writes:

Please pray for Maria, a college student, who is suffering from two serious medical conditions.

Mary from Montreal, Canada writes:

Dear Lord

Thank you for your constant love and mercy.

Forgive me for always turning to you in times of trouble.

Lord you know what the last 10 years have been like for us. We have had to borrow and accumulate an extremely heavy debt due to circumstances caused by family members and because we had no choice at the time. Through constant prayer we have asked for your guidance in all decisions over the years.

We are at a desperate point right now due to these circumstances. The creditors are at our doors and we don't know what to do. Please do not put us in a position that will have our enemy mocking us.

We beg you for financial assistance right now - We know that you have a plan - unfortunately we do not see the big picture - help us Lord - enlighten us - free us of our burden .

We pray this in your name Lord Jesus!

John from Menomonee Falls writes:

Good and gracious God.

Source of life and of love.

We give You thanks for the many blessings that You bestow upon us.

We recall the passage from scripture that says,

"Ask and thou shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened."

In the words of St. Francis, we seek to be consoling, to bring hope, and to bring light.

We believe in You, o God, and in Your healing power.

We come before You as You instructed us and ask that You be with our dear friend and colleague, Lee, and her a source of strength, of hope, and heal her of her sickness.

Through You, all things are possible. We ask this through the intercession of Mary our Mother, Jesus our Savior, and St. Peregrine, patron saint of cancer patients.

Kari from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Ashlee who will likely be called to Heaven in the next few days. May she and her family find peace.

Mary from Essexville writes:

Please pray for family members who are going through a very difficult time. Pray that their problems will be resolved and that they will be able to live their lives in safety, peace, and holiness.

Sally from Greendale writes:

For Barbara from Hudson, who has been ill and is slowly regaining her strength. May she continue to improve each day and be blessed with peace from the Lord.

Milly from Milwaukee writes:

Praying for Bud on his birthday...may God continue to comfort him with His gracious love and peace.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Nel, who recently took a bad fall and is also very ill from cancer. May the Lord bless Nel and his family with peace and courage.

Karen from Toronto writes:

Please pray for me and my family. I need to find a job to ease the financial problems in our home. I will soon have no employment for the summer and our bills will not get paid nor our mortgage. I pray I find a full time job or a job that pays well and is steady and that we are able to not keep our home and pay our bills. And that my health gets better as the stress is destroying my health. Thank you for praying for me.

Debbie from Missouri writes:

Please pray for immediate financial help for my family as we have had numerous setbacks after car accident from uninsured driver with medical bills. Would really appreciate your prayers.

Debbie from Missouri writes:

Please pray for healing for my mother who has heart & bleeding problems. She also suffers from Alzheimer's Disease.

senuabi from India writes:

Please pray for my brother Jobin Jerome who is having a lot of problems with his business. Please pray for those to be resolved and that he may have peace of mind and a happy life thru the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Madeline from Houston writes:

Please pray that I will be hired this year in meaningful employment. I have been unemployed since 2008. I feel like I am being discriminated against because of my age and the time I've been out of work. Thank you for praying for me.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Judy, who is now beginning sixteen weeks of chemotherapy following her mastectomy. May the Lord give her strength and bless her with freedom from cancer. And may her family also be blessed as they support her during her treatment and recovery.

Karen from Denmark, Wisconsin writes:

Please pray for Wayne who is struggling to recovery from open heart surgery and many complications.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Please keep Greg in your prayers. He has just been diagnosed with MS. Pray for his comfort during these trying times. Pray also for his family as they must cope with this devastating illness.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Your prayers are requested for Gino who is very ill.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Penny D. who is need of comfort during a very difficult time.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For our good friend, Bud, as he prepares for surgery on April 17. May he recover quickly and be blessed with total freedom from cancer. And may he always know that he is in the thoughts and prayers of many friends and former co-workers!

Sally from Greendale writes:

For Baby Patsy, that following her recent successful surgery she will now continue to grow healthy and strong. May the Lord bless this beautiful baby and her family.

Mary from Milwaukee writes:

Please remember Mary in your daily prayers. She is going for surgery at Froedhert Hospital, and she will be there a long time.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Prayers are requested for long-time chapter officer, Rita, who is battling kidney cancer and other health issues. May her upcoming surgery be successful, and may the Lord bless her with healing and peace of mind.

Duane from South Milwaukee writes:

Please remember Duane in your daily prayers. He is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Ceclia from Milwaukee writes:

Please remember Ceclia in your daily prayers.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Coral and her mother, Rachel, who is hospitalized in Florida with an infection and pneumonia. May her condition stabilize and may the Lord bless her with a complete recovery and renewed strength of body and spirit.

James from Newmarket writes:

Thank you Jesus for blessing me in so many ways. I am truly grateful. I ask now for a miracle that will help me in my financial crisis. I have overdue bills that need immediate attention today! It is so overwhelming that I feel paralyzed. I pray this knowing and believing that all things are possible through Christ our Lord

Karen from Denmark writes:

Please pray for Julie who is undergoing further testing for a lump found in her breast.

Cary from Milwaukee writes:

Please remember Cary in your daily prayers.

A from Richmond writes:

Please help me pray for financial relief. I take care of my elderly mom--really we take care of each other. I don't have money to pay the heat bill. I also just had surgery and needed money for my copay. With the cut in my government check, it is becoming harder to pay bills. Please help me. Pray for my heat not to get cut off. Thank you.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Connie B. who is undergoing treatment for cancer. May the Lord grant her strength and bless her with a complete recovery.

Linda from Algoma writes:

Please pray for Linda who has ovarian cancer and is receiving chemotherapy.

Karen from Denmark writes:

Please pray for Janeen who is having heart problems and may need surgery

Paula from Riverview writes:

Please pray for our family at this time. Our daughter went through severe post partum depression after the birth of her last child. She has been hospitalized over the last two years over 25 times. I had to leave my job due to caring and raising her three children, two of which have special needs. My husband and I have relied on savings to carry us through however our finances are totally depleted. My husband has a good job thank God but not enough to pay the expenses of the children. Please pray for us.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

The members of Milwaukee Chapter WI-52 pray for the repose of the soul of Florence Callaway, a long-time member of the Society! She was both a member of the former Catholic Family Life Insurance and Catholic Knights. Florence died recently and lived a life of service to her faith and the fraternal way of life.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Remembering the love and joy shared by my mother-in-law, Helen Priske, and my father-in-law, John Priske, whose return to the Lord will be commemorated this Friday with Mass at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist. They both died on January 25, twenty-eight years apart.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Eileen's successful surgery scheduled for February.

Joe from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for the continued healing of Michael Eimers of Louisville, Kentucky.

steve from watertown writes:

Please prayer for the restoration of my marriage and family, and for all families.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Bonnie's family, especially for Brian and Helena, who are experiencing serious health issues. May the Lord protect them and bless them with strength and good health.

Yonas from atlanta writes:

O lord you know I have had some health problems since childhood and a rough life. I am still working hard, but my life is not moving forward at all. I just got married and that has added so much responsibility too. So please God, help me to lead a better life, lead me not to get on the wrong side of the law, lead me not to get on a road which could ultimately destroy my life. O Lord the savior, I am also suffering with so many health problems. Lord, heal me from all these health and financial issues. Please Lord our savior, I believe that you died for our sins . You said to knock on doors to be opened and beg to be given. I am knocking on your door Lord. Please open Lord. Lead me to a better financial future and better health as well. Let your spirit be planted all the way down to the bottom of my soul and lead me to the right path Lord. Watch over me and bestow me with better health and financially solid ground, Thank you Lord our savior and protector.

Sally from Greendale writes:

For the victims of the horrendous tragedy in Connecticut and their families. May The Lord hold them in His arms and give strength to those who have lost someone dear -- especially the grieving parents of the innocent little children. As we draw near to the celebration of Christ's birth, may we continue to pray for the time when there will be true peace on Earth and good will towards all.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Our thoughts and prayers are with former CFLI Spiritual Director Father John Endejan, who has been hospitalized in Florida. May the Lord bless him with the return of good health.

Catholic Financial Life from Milwaukee writes:

For 10 years, even more than providing security ...a friendly face...a welcoming smile...good friend...part of the family. Lending a willing ear...his love of life touching everyone who entered. Lord, Bud needs your protection right now, and we at Catholic Financial Life pray for your watchful presence. Help return Bud to good health, so his smile can brighten many more days to come.


Sally from Milwaukee writes:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Francis (Fritz) Schieffer, who recently passed away. Francis was a long-time member of Catholic Financial Life and a former officer in Chapter 206-Milwaukee SW.

Deborah from Oak Creek writes:

One of the members I work with mentioned to me that her mother, Marie has found a lump in her breast. She is waiting for the results. Please keep her health in you prayers.

Jan from New Berlin writes:

My prayer request is for my son. He was involved in a accident in which three people died because of a diabetic seizure. My request is that he is able to find peace and healing in his life, and that resolution in this incident will come to an end as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your prayers. They mean the world to me.

Elizabeth from Coxs Creek writes:

Please ask God to free please me from financial debt.

lisa from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my family and myself (my husband and our 3 children). We are struggling so bad financially, as so many others are. We don't have enough money for food. And our bills outweigh our income. I don't want to be rich, I would just like for us to be able to buy food and not worry if because we made that decision, we will lose electricity or our place to live. I am grateful to God for all of the lessons learned through this very difficult time, but am begging him to please help us out of this. Thank you.

Ross from Kota Kinabalu writes:

Please pray to God to grant me a miracle that helps me with financial problems.

John from Pulaski writes:

For health and blessings

ASIBA from Birai writes:

Please pray for my mother Dana who recently had a stroke and is very ill now. Father, please take care of my mother and help her to fully recover. Also please pray for me. I really,really need help. After eight years of battling alcoholism and depression I'm trying to get my life back; but everything seems so grey and empty now. I feel I don't have any purpose to live anymore. I feel lost and in despair now. I need God to enlighten me and show me way in life. Help me to find the job best suited for me, the place I should live, and purpose to live. Thank you.

Gwen from Avon Indiana writes:

Please pray for our family as we are in a time of financial difficulty, struggling to make the monthly bills and still provide food for or children. Dear God provided us with three beautiful children, a son and twin girls, and I just ask that he bless us with the ability to provide for them a warm home and food in their bellies.

Karen from Milwaukee writes:

For continued healing, recovery of Marie's eyesight, and for continued good health without complication.

Deborah from Oak Creek writes:

Please pray for the health of John D. who is going through cancer treatment. John also lost his brother last year from cancer. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Stephen from Indianapolis writes:

Please pray for the protection and safety of Father Christian Kappes, who is believed to have been abducted in Athens, Greece, and for his family who pray for his safe return.

Brian from Wood River writes:

Please pray for Master Sargent Brian Peterson in Afghanistan. May he get through his tour of duty and home to his family safely!

Terry from Lake Geneva writes:

Please pray for Terry who was told he was given only two years to live. Please keep Terry and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Florence from Dubuque writes:

Our son Kevin needs prayers for his business to pick up. Also, on Oct. 2nd he needs prayers that he can pass the test to be a licensed Psychologist .Thanks for your prayers.

Betty from St Louis writes:

Please pray for Betty who had surgery last year and contracted another disease while at the hospital. She needs to have another surgery and worries this will happen again. Please pray for Betty that she be given the gift of fortitude.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Lionel in Bellingham, Mass., who has just begun chemotherapy. May the Lord give him strength as he undergoes treatment, and bless him with a complete recovery from his illness.

Eme from Harare writes:

Please pray that I succeed immensely in my writing and motivational speaking business for God's greater glory, and to ensure that I am available to take care of my children while working from home.

Thank you

Kim from Waterford writes:

I pray for doctors and researchers to have the knowledge and resources to cure cancer. So many suffer from this awful illness. Prayers for Missy a young girl fighting cancer now too.

Mary from Milwaukee writes:

Please remember Thomas and his family in your prayers as he is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. May God keep him in his hands as he travels through this difficult journey.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Paul in Rhode Island, that he will experience a complete and quick recovery from his recent surgery and be blessed with good health in the future.

Walter from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for daily comfort for Walter. He is very sick and today is the also the anniversary of the day that his wife passed away unexpectedly several years ago.

Casper from Milwaukee writes:

Please remember Casper in your daily prayers. His health has not been well lately and he is very ill right now.

Erica from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for a member in Nevada having surgery next week. May she have a successful surgery, speedy recovery and wonderful visit to Wisconsin coming up soon!

BEDDA from KAMPALA writes:

I request prayers for divine intervention for our brethren in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have been displace by war and that God will bring political warring parties to dialogue to alleviate the current refugee catastrophe. Amen

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Mike and his wife, Anne, who is hospitalized and undergoing tests for heart problems. May the Lord help them find answers and bless Anne with a full recovery and continued good health.

Mrs. Schweitzer from Greendale writes:

Mrs. Schweitzer's husband passed away last year and she is moving into an apartment very soon. Please remember her in your prayers for health, strength and comfort as she enters a new chapter in her life.

William from Greendale writes:

Please keep William in your prayers for good health and finding a good job, and keeping fatih in himself.

Mary from Cudahy writes:

Mary is in the hospital. Please remember her in your prayers for a quick recovery.

John from Wausau writes:

I offer a request for prayers for my wife Jody who was diagnosed with breast cancer this morning. She survived thyroid cancer in 1995 and has done well. We know that our Lord has plans for us and cares for us always, so we put our faith in Him. I do ask that the medical personnel involved with her case will handle it well and Jody will be returned to health. We pray to the Lord.

Lesleigh from Mobile writes:

Please pray for my daddy! He is 51 years old and has been battling cancer for over a year now! He lost one of his kidneys due to cancer and endured chemotherapy. He has been well until a few months ago when he started having pain and they couldn't locate it's exact origin! He has had two PET scans and the first of those found a mass in his bladder. They went in, shaved it down and put a special medicine in the bladder to prevent any more from forming ! And now we just recently found out that his lungs are peppered with 1 cm nodules that are growing! Please pray that with strength from our great Lord and Savior working through the chemo that he will be healed once again!!! I lost my mom at 43. I don't want to lose my dad too! Not yet :( My heart is so broken!!!

barb from ames writes:

Please pray for the healing of a young man who is experiencing extreme depression that the correct medicine and effective treatment may be found.

Bill from New Berlin, WI writes:

For Patricia who has breast cancer and will be undergoing her 5th surgery, a mastectomy, very soon. May she recover completely and remain cancer-free.

betty from Warren writes:

Please pray for out family as my mother has had three strokes and has dementia. We had to put her in assisted living--the worst thing my siblings and I have ever had to do. Also the passing of my dad 9 years ago--wonderful dad -we miss him so much.

Penny from Milwaukee writes:

Please keep Bonnie D. and her family in your thoughts and prayers as Bonnie's beautiful grandaughter, Helena has undergone heart surgery and will have another surgery very soon.

Penny from Illinois writes:

Please pray for Sheila as she has just recently lost of her mother. Our thoughts and prayers go to Sheila and her family during this difficult time.

sally from milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my granddaughter whose blood count keeps dropping even after blood infusion. Her doctor doesn't know why and is waiting for help from Madison. She has a family who needs her. Pray for my grandson who just finished college and cannot find a job. He is a good kid after being brought up in a project--no Police record. Pray also for my daughter that she finds a job and gets the house she needs.

Mother and daughter need prayers for keeping her job. Her lungs are are bad but she keeps working. I can pray and need your prayers also. Thank you all. Pray for me and I will pray for you. We need each other in that love.

Donlad from Miami FL writes:

Please pray for me (Donald) that God will providentially ensure that I make a weekly take-home pay, after all payroll taxes and deductions, each week, between $525 and $700 dollars. This is a "need," not a selfish want. I have elderly, ill parents. I was wiped out financially by LONG unemployment, all, I do mean ALL, my savings were wiped out. I have a commission sales job selling housewares. The customers are in the Mall. Plenty of them. Please BEG God to send plenty of them to ME in my department at my store. I work with a bullying, thieving sale-stealer to boot. Not an aggressive seller, no, but a bully and sale stealer. This job is hard. My legs are hugely swollen as are my feet. I'm willing to do the hard work, but need THAT pay due to debts and expenses. Also, please ask the LORD to grant the financial miracle I am also begging for. It is for righteous intentions. Thank you and God bless you all for praying for me.

Donald., Miami Florida.

Nancy from Waterford, Wi writes:

Blessings on my husbands's back surgery in June. For family healing. For improved health.

Sheila from Appleton writes:

Please pray for the healing of my back, so I can be pain free after 5 five years of pain.

NANCY from St.Francis writes:

For assistance in finding a job...

Deborah from Southeast Agency writes:

Rudy is going through Chemo therapy, and he needs our support of prayers and strength during this difficult time.

JAN from WESTERVILLE writes:

Please pray that my 89-year-old father-in-law can find peace as he finishes his life on this earth. Thank you.

Nadine from Pleasant Lake writes:

Our beautiful granddaughter has talked of committing suicide. Our whole family is working to help her though this crisis and get her the help she needs. Please pray for her to be able accept help and realize what a gift God has given her by creating her exactly as she is. Also please pray for her parents, grandparents and other family members to help guide us in the decisions we will be making about her care.

Linda from Eau Claire, WI writes:

Please pray for my daughter, who is living the life of a independent Catholic Missionary and Catholic Speaker, that God will continue to show her His plan and blesses her.

Also for my daughter to be able to conceive and carry a healthy baby to full term.

Jeannette from Mosinee writes:

Please prayer for the health of a family member of Jeanette.

C from Kaukauna writes:

Please pray for our family as we wait to adopt a baby. We ask you to pray for strength and courage, pray for patience and understanding and to pray for peace. Please pray for the birthmother of this unborn child for her to feel your guidance and love as she makes this decision and to give her comfort in knowing that our family will forever be thankful for this blessing.

Zachary from River Falls, Wi 54022 writes:

Zachary is 9 yrs old, and has been having seizures since his birthday, July 9, 2011. He needs lots of prayers.

Cheryl from San Antonio writes:

Please pray for the recovery of my father, Hilbert Golsch. He is suffering from congestive heart failure, COPD and a bacteria that is appearing in different joints throughout his body that needs to be surgically flushed.

Emeka from Abuja writes:

God, please save our Country Nigeria from all afflictions of evil bombers.

Karen from Milwaukee writes:

Special prayers for 7yr old Kelly and her family as they battle a serious illness.

Laura from Poynette writes:

More fervent prayers for the Eberle family, for God's Will, and for peace in each heart when things are so difficult.

Also prayers for Rebekah Spader, 5 y.o., who is waiting for a bone marrow transplant from her 2 y.o. sister. We are brave! Prayers for continued courage in the face of childhood leukemia!

Prayers for Joshua Parker and his family. Joshua will be 6 on 3/2, and is dying. He has chiari and a host of other medical issues. His brain stem is being compressed, and his spine is tethered, making flexing his back impossible. Many prayers for his pain to be managed well, and for his family to be upheld by the Hands of God through their grief.

Saint Raphael the Healer, pray for us. Saint Luke the Physician, pray for us. +JMJ+

Kathleen from Whitefish Bay, WI writes:

Please pray for my great-nephew, Zachary Sprader, age 10, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Liz from Avoca writes:

Please pray for the unborn baby of Curtis and Vickie Eberle, who is in trouble and needs our prayers.

Elisabeth from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for my friends' daughter's recovery from brain cancer. Also please pray for me because I have been out of a job for over one and one-half years, that I may find suitable employment. Thank you!

Todd from Fond du Lac writes:

Please pray for myself and my family as my place of employment was suddenly shut down and I have been unemployed since November. Jenny, my wife is disabled and unable to work. Please pray that I find a job soon:)

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Lee and her family, as she prepares for her first round of chemotheraphy following a diagnosis of cancer. May the Lord bless her with strength, hope and peace as she begins this journey. And may she be comforted by the prayers and support of her loving family, friends and co-workers.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Curtis, Vickie and their baby due to be born in June. May the Lord help them overcome the health issues they are now experiencing and bless this family and their precious baby with good health, peace and happiness.

Magdalan from West Allis writes:

Please pray for my husband Chester who has lung cancer and has been hospitalized for pneumonia, and also for my daughter Karen who has MS and is suffering from very bad back pain.

Lisa from Owensboro writes:

I pray for immediate financial help. I have gotten my finances so messed up there is no way out. I am close to losing my house and do not want this to happen. This is my home please pray for me. Thank you & God Bless

Gary from Mequon writes:

Gary is dying of cancer. Please remember Gary and his family and friends in your daily prayers.

Fred from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for a coworker's husband, who sustained multiple fractures and some serious internal injuries in a recent fall. Tests and treatment are continuing, but at best, he’s got a long, painful road ahead of him.

donna from port of spain writes:

to become a believer in God

Jennifer from TN writes:

Please pray for my business. It's so hard to make it this time of year and I get so desperate and sad during these hard times. I keep falling deeper and deeper behind and need help and prayer.

Sally from Milwaukee writes:

For Thomas Van Pay, former officer of Chapter 21, Green Bay, Wis., who passed away on November 11, 2011. May his soul rest in peace and joy for all eternity.

T from Warren writes:

For the prompt sale of home and decent job for husband. God's guidance in the life of son and daughter.

Lee from Milwaukee writes:

Please offer prayers of comfort and support to Amy who is expecting her second child in a few months. Amy just learned her baby has a serious heart defect. Lord, keep Amy, her husband, their family and their precious child in your tender care.

Nancy from Milwaukee writes:

praying for a daughter to get a job and for mental health

Bill from Milwaukee writes:

For the healing of newborn baby Makenzie, granddaughter of Ted and Marguerite, who is experiencing health issues. May the Lord bless this precious child and her family.

Erica from Milwaukee writes:

Please pray for Pat who's mother passed away this evening. Help Pat to know that her mother is watching over her from above. Our thoughts and prayers to Pat and her family during this difficult time.

Lacey from Bellevue writes:

Please pray for the Faber family. Sadly their 2 yr 7 mo old daughter lost her battle to cancer. She will be missed. Please help the family get through this tough time.

Erica from Milwaukee writes:

Please take time from your day to pray for Tracey of Racine, WI. Help him to cope with his recently diagnosed terminal illness and to enjoy his motorcycle ride today on this beautiful day. One day at a time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Tracey. God Bless.

debbie from ontario writes:

Please pray for my daughter, Mandy who suffers from muscular dystrophy and has grown weak. She is a teenage girl who is bright, talented and beautiful, and who is also sad and lonely and wants so much more from her life. Please pray for a miracle that will give her back the strength in her arms to hug and the strength in her legs to dance again.

Jose from Costa Mesa writes:

To the people hit by Hurricane Irene:

The road to Jesus is not a painless road. Sometimes Jesus puts rocks on the surface so we can reflect on ourselves and reconcile on our mistakes. Hurricane Irene has separated our families and friends, but it has allowed us to come together and worship Jesus. I am sure Jesus has them in a safe place far away from the devil's harm. We have to remember that Jesus loves us and that one day we will all be next to him. God will help us with our struggles and give us all the strength to overcome death. May God bless all of the people harmed by Hurricane Irene.

Debra from Milwaukeee writes:

Debra's daughter is in state 4 of cancer, and Debra herself has a heart condition. Please remember both mother and daughter in your prayers.

Deborah from Oak Creek writes:

David and Jill are young parents with a twin boy and girl age 2, and a 3yr old girl. Jill just found out that she has cancer and is currently going through Chemo and Radiation therapy. Her family needs your prayers for her spiritually to get her through this hard time in her life, and for a healthy recovery.

Denice from Milwaukee writes:

Denice would like to have prayers said for her. She is ill, and the doctors cannot locate the reason. She has been out of work for 9 months now. Denice is scheuduled to have tests done at John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Bill from Milwaukee writes:

May the Lord give peace, comfort and strength to Denise as she struggles with many health issues. For her husband, Gus, and their family as they provide love and support to Denise in this difficult time.

Debra from Milwaukee writes:

Debora just found out that she has cancer. Prayers for her and her family would be greatly apreciated.

Marian from Milwaukee writes:

Marian fall and she has been in and out of the hospital. She is in pain and depressed. She needs our prayers.

Peter from Milwaukee writes:

One of our insureds son-in-law is dying of cancer.

Oswaldo and Jessica from Milwaukee writes:

For strength during this challenging time.

Robert from Moorcroft Wu writes:

Robert is the uncle of Catholic Financial Life advisor, Pauline Huven and he is in need of a liver transplant, as the result of an autoimmune disease. Time is of the essense, because he could die at anytime and the paperwork is taking an incredibly long time. Please pray for Bob and his wife Diane as they struggle with government bureaucracy.

Lee from Milwaukee writes:

Please remember Judy, a dedicated branch officer and servant, who is battling health issues. May our prayers bring her comfort and strength in her time of need.

Michael from La Crosse writes:

Please pray for Yvonne (E-von) Westhoff who is fighting cancer. Pray for healing. Thank you!

roland from oak creek writes:

for brother Ralph starting chemo.

for son renting a different home

for a daughter and family traveling this month.

John from Milwaukee writes:

Please remember our members and all of those affected by the tornadoes, flooding and other natural disasters across the United States in your prayers. O God, protector and healer, keep your children safe and help them to recover from the devistation.

Helen from Stratford writes:

Please pray for Paul's health.

Jennifer from Lincoln writes:

this prayer is for my daughter Jennifer . She is 36 years old and battling breast cancer. Thank you for your prayers.

John from Milwaukee writes:

Please remember Joe Piette, a long-time Catholic Financial Life advisor who passed away very unexpectedly on March 17, 2011, and his wife, Sue, brother Jim (also a long-time Catholic Financial Life advisor) and the entire Piette family in your prayers. May he rest in peace.

John and Mary from Bristol writes:

Please pray for this entire family. John was hurt in a freak train accident in Illinois, has already undergone multiple surgeries and will be in rehab for some time. Mary recently lost her job and is also dealing with her father who is suffering from leukemia in a state far from home.

Kate from Rio writes:

Kate is having seizures and can not work or drive. She is going to Mayo Clinic for a different procedure to try and help reduce the seizures so she can return to work.

sony from mumbai writes:


angel from plaquemine writes:

I am asking for prayer help in order to pay off my debts i owe. I also need to get my bills current. My husband is looking for a job right now , we have even been putting apllication oout to many places. Please pray that someone will call him very soon.

Alyson from Horseheads writes:

Please pray for my brother John to get out of his financial crisis and debt, to grow in faith, and find happiness.

sony from mumbai writes:


amadeus from Roma writes:

I wish to return home, like the son in Jesus' parable. Pray for me to obtain spiritual healing from sin and its effects, and the grace of a new start.

Joanna from Malaysia writes:

Please pray for my financial crisis, send me to assistant to get thru with it. Thanks.

barb from ames writes:

Healing for Lacy Faber who has a rare liver cancer. She is 1 1/2 years old.

Ruby from Mauston writes:

For son inlaw who is going though difficult times with his business.

Cory from Reedsburg writes:

Please pray for Jake Gassen who is on the front line in Afghanistan. He is with the 101 air borne Calvary scouts. He has lost 3 buddies in the last two months. He is a medic. My God protect him and his men.

Don't forget our young men who are dying everyday.

May God bring peace to our world

Karen from Clarion writes:

Prayers for my daughter so she has a speedy and complete recovery from sinus surgery. She has been facing other health issues and problems in the last year.

Donald from Sparta writes:

My wife Donna is suffering from health issues. Please pray for her health.

Cory from Reedsburg writes:

Mary who needs prayers for Breast cancer.










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