Apostleship of Prayer Partnership

Apostleship of Prayer Partnership

Catholic Financial Life believes in the power of prayer and has joined in partnership with Apostleship of Prayer organization. We are pleased to offer the spiritual resources of The Apostleship of Prayer to our members. Intentions submitted to Catholic Financial Life's Prayer network will be forwarded automatically to them, so millions of people will pray for your intentions each day.

Click here to visit our Prayer Network.

Catholic Financial Life supports Apostleship of Prayer’s project to help children develop the habit of daily prayer. They will be distributing cards to more than 25,000 Catholic school students in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee though the financial support of Catholic Financial Life.


About Apostleship of Prayer


Apostleship of Prayer was established in France in 1844 by Fr. Francis X. Gautrelet. When some Jesuits seminarians complained about their studies, wanting to work in the mission field Fr. Gautrelet commissioned them as follows:

“Be apostles now, apostles of prayer! Offer everything you are doing each day in union with the Heart of our Lord for what He wishes, the spread of the Kingdom for salvation of souls.”

The Apostleship of Prayer has had a special relationship with the Papacy for 120 years; becoming its dedicated prayer group. Each year the Pope gives the organization 24 prayer intentions related to universal needs in the world and the work of evangelization by the Church.

Anyone may join The Apostleship of Prayer. We encourage our members to take advantage of this opportunity. Being a member means committing to praying a daily offering; serving God by serving others as Catholic Financial Life’s mission statement expresses.



How to join

To join Apostleship of Prayer email them at enroll@apostleshipofprayer.org or call them 414-486-1152

For more information about Apostleship of Prayer visit their website www.apostleshipofprayer.org

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