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Benefits for Financial Members

Members who are the primary insured on a Catholic Financial Life product or insured under a spousal rider are eligible to receive additional value-added benefits. These benefits are one component of membership that differentiates Catholic Financial Life from commercial and mutual life insurance companies. Benefits are grouped into four categories: educational, financial, spiritual and wellness.


Education, in all of its forms, is a central value of Catholic Financial Life. In support of that value, we offer our members a series of educational benefits.


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Scholarship Programs

Each year, members have the opportunity to apply for scholarships ranging from elementary school through college.


The financial well-being of our members is important to us. That is why Catholic Financial Life has developed a series of benefits to help our members proactively take control of their financial future and protect them during times of financial stress.


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Child Cancer Benefit

Catholic Financial Life members under age 18 diagnosed with cancer can receive a one-time grant of up to $5,000 for medical care and treatment expenses.

Estate Planning Benefit

Members are eligible for a one-time reimbursement of up to $50 for the preparation of or updating of estate planning documents.

Family Protection Benefits

We offer Family Protection Benefits when at least one natural parent has been a member for at least 30 days prior to a child’s birth or stillbirth.

Member Rewards Program

Members may receive savings of up to 70% at hundreds of national and local merchants, such as Costco, Disney, Verizon Wireless, Starbucks, and Target!

Orphan Income and Scholarships

Catholic Financial Life offers orphans monthly living allowances through age 18 and college scholarship grants.

Special Needs Benefit

Catholic Financial Life member or child of a member is eligible to receive up to $100 towards the cost of a therapy program, summer camp or the purchase of an adaptive device.

Uninsurable Child Protection Benefit

Catholic Financial Life child of a member is eligible to receive $7,500 of rated Whole Life coverage for an uninsurable child who is between the ages of 60 days and 15 years.


As a Catholic organization, we support the spiritual growth and development of our members through a series of faith-based benefits. 


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Catholic Financial Life wants to help kids experience the fun of summer camp. Members are eligible for scholarships of up to $100 for Catholic summer camp.

Prayer Network

We are believers in the power of prayer. Intentions are submitted to our online prayer network and are remembered in special Masses.


Retreats can be times of discovery, prayer and spiritual growth. Members are eligible for $100 annually toward the cost of a Catholic retreat.


As sacramental people, we recognize Baptism, First Communion and Matrimony with a commemorative gift. Confirmands and seminarians can receive scholarships.


The health and wellness of our members is paramount to Catholic Financial Life. Helping members to save money while receiving medical care is one way that we help to ensure their wellness.


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Family Care Suite

We offer a hospitality apartment for members or their families hospitalized in the Milwaukee area. Available at no cost, subject to availability

Medic Alert Benefit

Members with conditions requiring special medical treatment free receive membership in this life-saving program and an identification bracelet or necklace.

Prescription Savings Program

Members and their families receive prescription savings on brand and generic medications, vision and hearing care, diabetes care and supplies, etc.


One of the many things that sets Catholic Financial Life apart is our long standing tradition of helping to make communities stronger, through our network of chapters and Impact teams.


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Impact Teams

Catholic Financial Life has a longstanding tradition of helping communities through the work of our local chapters. We’re happy to announce a brand new opportunity for our financial members who may not live close to a chapter, or who might not have the time to volunteer on a regular basis. “Impact Teams” empower our members to organize an individual service project, with the assistance of friends, family and others who are passionate about the same cause!

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